No news good news?

Hi everyone I was just wondering if it is possible that if your colposcopy & biopsies are all fine, you don't hear back? The reason I'm asking is because I've been going out of my mind waiting for the post and looking on this site to see how long people have been waiting and the longest I have found is 6-8 weeks. It's now been 9 weeks and still nothing :( I can only think of two reasons, either they are extremely busy or that I'm not supposed to get the results if everything is ok? Any feedback welcome thanks in advance x 


You should receive results back no matter what the outcome. Have you tried calling the clinic where your biopsies were taken?

Hope you hear back soon xx

Thank you for your reply I had a feeling I was meant to hear even if they are ok, no I haven't called them I think I'm scared to get a nasty response and to be told to be patient I'm terrified of calling people x 

I'm the same. With is being 9 weeks though they can't try and fob you off by telling you to be patient, you should have heard by now. If you don't feel comfortable ringing the clinic, how about your GP instead, or see if you can make an appointment for today or tomorrow with your GP to discuss it in person.

Let us know how you get on x

Yeah I think going to my gp is the better option, I went a few weeks ago and my gp wasn't in so I saw a different one who was quite rude really and talked to me like I was stupid to be asking and said 'we don't get your results' but I'm sure they do or they could at least chase them up for me, my gp is back now so I think I will make that appointment now I know I should hear either way, thank you x 

Hi hon,

i don't think you've been treated very well. You should have had your results by now, and whilst it's mainly true they a longer wait means you weren't urgent, that doesn't take away from the worry we all experience while waiting! Ring and speak to the department where you had the biopsies. If they can't help, ask who can! I'm surprised your GP couldn't help, my GP was able to tell me pretty much everything as it was all on the system, often before I had heard.

good luck, I hope you hear ASAP.

Mollz xxx

Hi guys, my doctor has no appointments until Monday :( Im going to bite the bullet and ring the clinic tomorrow, so nervous! I will pop back on after the call and let you know how it goes x 

Good luck :) x

I just rang and the receptionist said the biopsies showed cin 2&3 but she said she will ring me back as on screen it says I had the loop which I didn't so I may have to go in for treatment just waiting on a call back x 

I can't get over how annoyed I am about it, if I didn't ring they would have just assumed I had the treatment and sent me off for a smear in 6 months x

First of all, well done for ringing. I know it's horrible and it can't have helped that they gave you this news.

Secondly, that is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot believe they have made such an error on your records. I hope they get you booked in for treatment soon and you can finally start to see an end to this.

Let us know when you hear back xx

Hello Danica - no news is just no news.  You should have heard within 2 weeks no matter the outcome.  Sounds like your results have been lost.  Get on to your GP and get them to chase them up, it must have been your GP who referred you for Colposcopy, right? I know you are afraid but if anything is wrong it's best dealt with asap. For your own peace of mind, don't be fobbed off until you get them. 

Sorry my reply seemed out of sync - for some reason none of the other replies were on here when I replied? have to check this with admin.


I can't believe it, they never called back :( at least I know now I'm more than likely going to need treatment which is better than not knowing I suppose x

Just to let you know they finally rang back I need to go in for treatment on the 17th December :( x 

Hi Danica,

Glad you have an appointment. Are you having treatment under LA or GA?

Good luck xx

It's under local, not looking forward to that one bit but I need to do it the quickest way so I can get back to pick my son up from school. Thanks a lot x