Biopsy results


I had a colposcopy 9 weeks today. Phoned last week and they said oh got your results back today it was ok.  I thought this was a coincidence.  They said I would receive a letter confirming results which I still haven't had!

Has everyone in here that reads this and has had a biopsy received the results and findings from biopsy in a letter?


I am so glad you got good results! I am having a LEEP next week and am terrified the results will be cancer.

From reading all these forums, I saw that everyone was having to wait between 4-10 weeks for biopsy results. For that reason, I decided to go private and get it over and done with. I got my appointment that very day and I have my follow up appointment on Weds where I will get my biopsy results one week after they were taken in a face to face appointment with the gynaecologist. I know not everyone has this luxury. I asked my doctor about this, I told him I decided to go private because I couldn't not handle the wait and uncertainty for that amount of time (I am Aussie and away from all my family too). And he said that the NHS is very slow with processing Colposcopy results, especially now after the Covid lock down period.


Hello Ali

There are people on here who have received results over the phone but that is only if you need to have further treatment more urgently I think. Most people receive a letter through the post. In support of the NHS, they would fast track you if there was cause for concern. Normally the longer you wait, the better the news. Having said that, I had a follow up appointment in June and received my result in 2 weeks even though it was all clear. That may have been because in June clinics had just started to run appointments again after lockdown. I hope this puts your mind at rest. I know how hard it is waiting and wondering. Even so, if you're still concerned you could always phone the hospital again to let them know your letter has not yet arrived. Hope the results come soon.

A x

Hi Ali...

I'm also in the same position. I had my colposcopy the same day as you, finally got my results afer 8 weeks, but only because I kept on calling, but I still haven't received my letter (though I have been referred to a gynecologist to find out what's causing my symptoms). Lady on the phone told me there could be a 12 - 14 week wait for a letter with the results as they are massively back logged xx


Did you receive your results through the post yet? I've still not had mine and it's been nearly 11 weeks!