Trying to get biopsy results...

Hi all,

Just wondering if others have had difficulty getting hold of biopsy results? Biopsy was taken 3 weeks ago and received letter today for a pre-op assessment as had discussed having LOOP under GA at my colposcopy, but no actual results were included (and for that matter no confirmation that the pre-op assessment is still for a LOOP procedure). 

Tried phoning the colposcopy clinic who told me to phone GP, and then receptionist at GP told me they'd discuss my results at my next hospital appointment, but from what I can tell this will just be a nurse taking blood pressure etc to check my suitability for GA, so not sure if they will be able to tell me about my results either (and appointment not until next Friday)

Just finding it very frustrating that I'm not privy to my own medical results! 



I do know that a lot of nhs trusts wont discuss results over the phone. However, I recieved biopsy results within my letter. I'd just wait until your appointment.. Frustrating I know!

Think I'm just becoming a bit of a control freak. Want to know what's going on 'down there'! 

totally feel the same way so can sympathise! Hope you get the results soon x

Went to GP this morning and got a very understanding GP who said she could have a look and let me know results to stop me fretting. CIN3 no invasian (phew!) pre-op is for loop and I now don't need to be thinking about it for awhile.