Biopsy results???

Hi, I have been waiting some time now for my biopsy results to come back, I was told I would receive them by letter and would need to go back and see the nurse who I originally saw for my colposcopy. However it has been 7 weeks and no results.. So I called on Monday and asked about this and was told they would be sent out however I have today received a letter saying my appointment with the nurse has been cancelled and I now have to see the consultant!! So I called them today and just explained that I was confused and really would like to know by results from the biopsy but obviously they wouldn't say over the phone and she said they couldn't send me a letter and would need to wait to discuss with consultant, however this isn't until 2nd July!!! I'm going out of my mind and feel like nobody wants to help me!! Surely it's upto me to know what the results are?? It's my body and if it isn't anything bad then it's unease starry worry for myself!!

Sorry, it wouldn't let me type any more for some reason, that word was meant to say unnecessary! Has anybody else had to wait so long for there biopsy results? I had my smear in ceb, I just think it's awful that I have to wait this long just to find out what these cells are or not!! 

Hi Kelly,

I'm in the same boat as you.. have been doing this for 11 years.. now I had a cone biopsy done and the results are taking forever.  I have a 3 hour drive to my dr in the city so I need to re-arrange my life for but if it's good news, then somehow the waiting will have been ok! They told me I am not able to get results through a phone call for this.

Good luck, this waiting game is the hardest part!