Future Screening for Non-HPV Cervical Cancer

Hi All

first time I have posted on here, so here goes, really hoping someone can put my mind at rest:


As someone who falls in to the 0.3% of women diagnosed with cervical cancer NOT caused by HPV, can I please clarify something - will further analysis of the collected cells only be completed if HPV is present? If someone like myself tests negative for HPV will they just be told to return in 3 years with no further check for abnormalities of the cells? 


With no symptoms and following my routine smear, the screening tests identified glandular abnormalities, however HPV negative. After being diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer I had a radical hysterectomy and have since been given the all clear - I am so lucky the cancer was caught early.


These new changes sound like 0.3% is not enough to be concerned about. Does this really mean I would be given the all clear and told to come back in 3 years? I really hope I have misunderstood this as it terrifies me.


Thanks for reading



I'm pretty certain you'll have the same follow up as anyone else that's had a cancer diagnosis.

I was 1b1 and had radical hysterectomy end of May. I'm having follow ups every three months for 2 years and 6 monthly for I think 5 years in total. My first check up involved just a chat to see how I was and a physical examination. Xx


I hope you are ok. I had an AGC hpv negative pap smear. My doc didn’t want to take biopsy/ECC…i’m afraid i have cc…how did you foun out our diagnosis…thanks