Clarity on not testing cells if HPV is not found at screening please?

Heya. Thanks for reading. I was just hoping someone could break down whether I’m unnecessarily worrying, perhaps misunderstanding.

I had CIN3 cells and a polyp taken out under general anaesthetic just over 3 years ago. The surgeon said ‘we got most of it out’ and then a letter came through saying see you in 3 years for screening. Okay, so just had my screening appointment with the nurse and only then did I realise that if HPV isn’t present at this time then no one has a look-see at the cells and it’s business as usual for another 3 years… I’m at the point where I think I’m actually hoping for HPV to be found just so they look at it. Is it really so very incredibly unlikely that any cell changes would be happening in that 6yr period that I should feel reassured if it comes back HPV negative I have absolutely nothing to worry about? I just feel like if HPV can come and go, how is it not possible that cells are misbehaving down there despite HPV not being detected this week? I think I understand that HPV is usually what triggers the cell changes, but do cell changes just stop and go away if the HPV clears up? Is there something I should be doing/asking for if it does come back without HPV, or do I have to suck it up that it’s ‘probably’ okay? Or am I effectively in the clear with those results?

Cheersies x

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Hi. No help here, but same concerns. Personally, after 8mnths ago having hpv but zero changes, to today having LLETZ for high grade, moderate changes at smear, - being more likely CIN 3 and huge area removed, I’ll be having yearly smears done privately, if not 6 monthly! Even if negative, as can fluctuate as you mentioned. Tests can be bought from superdrug I think that test for hpv. Can’t see how current system makes sense?

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Thank you, that actually is quite helpful. Gives me a sense of resolve and that I’m not just unduly winding myself up about this. I feel like I’m on the verge of getting a bit campaigny. Results did come back negative for HPV with 3 years til the next screening. I think I’ll start by booking in with the GP, fully expecting to be told there’s nothing that can be done on NHS and likely that ‘the system works…’ or something, at which point I may or may not throw in a few symptoms that we probably both know aren’t necessarily present and see if that gets me anywhere… but yeah… maybe private health care is the only way to get peace of mind? Never thought I’d be so desperate to get a speculum inserted…