Smear results

Hi everyone,

Last year I went for a cervical screening for the first time (I was 25) and was diagnosed with high-risk HPV virus and some abnormal cells. I then had a colposcopy  but the changes were only borderline so I was advised to get another smear in year.

So this year I went for another smear as advised and the HPV test turned out negative. It then says in the letter "as you have HPV negative result, It is highly unlikely that you will have any abnormal cells. This means  that we didn't need to carry out  any further tests on your sample."

What worries me is that I had abnormal cells before and nobody  has checked  whether they have gone back to normal. 

My next screening is due in 3 years and I'm nervous of any further changes happenning. Am I overthinking this? Maybe I can ask for another test in a year? What do you guys think?