Smear not being tested

Hi everyone, I had a trachelectomy for stage 1B1 cervical cancer in 2015 and have had yearly smears ever since. They all came back clear until last year when it came back abnormal. The hospital didn't care one bit as said it was just borderline and said it's nothing to worry about (?!) and they would see me in a year. I wasn't happy about this and didn't understand why they weren't concerned about it (I was HPV negative) so got an appointment after 6 months - was just a check up no smear done.

I have not long been for my yearly smear and they took a biopsy as well while I was there as they could see a growth which they assumed was granulation and they wanted to make sure that's all it was. I have received a letter from the hospital which says good news the biopsy was just granulation scar tissue and you are HPV negative. Nothing at all mentioned about the smear that they did.

I am aware that in some areas of the country if you are HPV negative they won't even test the smears for abnormal cells and I rang the hospital to question if they have even tested my smear cells - they did not even know and said they would get someone to ring back next week!

Am I being unreasonable kicking off if they did not test them!? They were abnormal a year ago so anything could have happened by now. I can't understand why they wouldn't test them if 1) I have had cervical cancer and 2) the last smear was abnormal. I fully expect that when they call me they will say they didn't bother to test them as it was HPV negative.

If they say that can I complain and ask them to test the smear cells?

has anyone else had this? 

thanks for reading :) 


I just wanted to jump in and say I am so sorry to hear this and I think you are right to be concerned/annoyed. I had my trachelectomy in 2016 and still have smears every 6 months. I feel like they are been less cautious than they should be considering your past history - not that I am a medical expert. I don't want to come across as forceful but I don't think their response iis good enough. Can you get through to the consultant you had for your check up? I have the email and phone number of my consultant's secretary so if I am really getting frustrated when results are slow I normally call her. Appreciate it may be different across the country I am in Scotland. Hope you get an answer soon x