Results of smear + 3 year follow-up?

So after two positive HPV results (one normal cells and the following year one with abnormal cells CIN1, verified by colposcopy) I had my recent smear less than 2 weeks ago. I was surprised when the letter came through and dreading the worst seeing as it was so quick!!

However the results were HPV negative, which ofc I should be really relieved about, however I have severe health anxiety (especially right now as I’m going through some other stuff) and so in my mind it says they’ve obviously missed it and not testing for the cells means that in 3 years(!!!) when they recall me for another smear I’ll end up having something way more sinister by that point adasfks!

Since the letter also states that it’s possible to miss it and it doesn’t pick up every case I’m now going down a spiral lol. Also it came back so quick that I’m very confused as to how when they normally take up to 6 weeks :confused: Why do they not test for the cells if it’s negative anyway? Isn’t it possible it missed the HPV?

Since I have other annoying symptoms ongoing it’s not always easy for me to spot also if there’s any future abnormalities (like bleeding issues and pain etc) since I have possible endo SIGH.

Anyway, is going back on the 3 year recall the norm for a negative result? I would have thought since I had CIN1 abnormal cells in Jan (colposcopy confirmed) that I would have another smear in a year, but apparently not?

It truly sucks second guessing everything like this but I figured I’d come here for some others experience and to get some reassurance…
Thanks for reading!