Can someone please tell me I’m not alone with feeling frightened and anxious about all of this. I lay in bed every night not able to sleep and worry I won’t live as long now I have this condition. Feeling very low :frowning:

Hi Jane

You are definitely not alone in feeling this way. It is the most terrifying thing to be told you have cancer. Nobody can prepare you or predict how you feel so just know that whatever you feel or how you react is always ok. 

I found it a rollercoaster of s journey and waiting for results and staging was definitely the worst as my mind would be crazy. You can though do this and deal with it for sure. Take each day as it comes, vent, cry,ask for help - do whatever feels right for you.

you are not alone - we all know exactly what it’s like so you have all the support you need right here. Huge hugs and love to you right now xxx

Jane you are most definitely not alone. I don't know what stage you are on this journey but if it's the waiting around stage that really is the toughest. I had dark days during that early bit where I was writing down all my passwords for accounts, writing down little notes about what to do and not do with the kids etc. I'm just a week into my treatment and mentally feeling much more positive. There is an amazing bunch of ladies on this site. It has been a constant source of support and information for me since I found out. Ask any questions you want and we'll help if can. Sending hugs

x Maria

Hi Jane

As others have said you’re definately not alone. I had some tough times, particularly while I was having MRI and CT to define staging,my mind ran away with me a lot! I have to say I did feel better once I knew what I was dealing with.

Thinking of you, you got this xxxx

Thank you so much for taking time to reply to my post xx

Hello Maria

thank you so much for replying to my post xx

Hello lotty 

thank you so much for replying to me. I appreciate it xx