Not sure how to feel

Hi all,

I found out today that I have cervical cancer. I had an EUA and biopsy and was called yesterday to see the consultant today. They are awaiting my MRI scans (had on Friday) and now I've got to wait to hear what stage/how bad /where it is etcetc. Should I have been told any of this today?

i cried and my husband is understandably upset, but now I need to move on and focus getting better. do any of you have any hints or tips for this limbo? Anything I should be doing? I currently attend slimming world but thinking of stopping -one less pressure. Although I want life to be as normal as possible.

i have a beautiful 19month old and I worry for her. 

Sweet pea x

Hi Sweetpea,

The waiting is absolutely the worst time ever. I would recommend trying to keep things as normal as possible especially for your little girl. I was told I had cancer, then staged properly after scans etc 1-2 weeks later. 

It does get a little easier once you know exactly what demon you are facing and what treatment is going to be.

I wish you all the best in this journey.

Rachel x

Hi Sweetpea

The waiting is the worst bit, strange but true.  And what Rachel said above about it getting easier once you know your stage and what the treatment will be is very true.

When I was first told, I had a day off work as I couldnt stop crying but then I carried on as normally as possible.  It's not easy but it helps to keep your mind occupied as much as possible.  A friend recommended listening to relaxation and meditation cd's, I was sceptical at first but they really helped me.

My consultant did guess my stage when he first told me and it was confirmed at the consultants appointment a week or two after I had my MRI.

Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions, I am happy to help where possible.

Wishing you lots of luck going forward.



Hi Sweetpea,

Both Cheryl and Rachel are spot-on, this limbo time is absolutely the worst. Staging will give your enemy a name and a face and it becomes much easier to envisage it and to cope with it. Do try to keep everything as normal as possible, if anything try to add a little more pressure to distract yourself. Try not to worry yourself silly, even though the word 'cancer' drives fear into most hearts, cervical cancer is very treatable and most of us beat it's sorry arse :-)

Be lucky :-)



Hi Sweetpea, 

I'm so sorry to hear that you too are in this horrid limbo land of waiting. I had to wait 2 weeks for my staging and now wait to hear what the treatment will be. There will be good and bad days along the way.  

Keeping busy helps, and although it's hard, carrying on as normally as possible really makes a difference. 

I completly understand your worry for your daughter as I too have children, the youngest only 7 months. 

Try too to keep away from Google, it really doesn't help (in found out the hard way).

Stay strong and positve.

Big hugs 

Erin x


Thanks all for your replies. As horrid as this is, and I wish no-one had to go through it, this place seems great to know you're not on your own.

I had a call today for an appointment for a CT scan on Tuesday.  I all of a sudden seem to be noticing more things - not sure if it is because I am paying more attention or if I am looking into things far too much now.  I just want to know what I am facing and what is going to happen.

I am already pretty pressured - trying to find somewhere new to live and applying for a job promotion, which will involve a lot of hard work!  I think slimming world is a step too far....I NEED chocolate right now!

I know I am lucky that I have one beautiful child, but the thought of any further children potentially being taken away from me makes me sad.  But I want to be well for the little girl I have.  Rachel - do you mind me asking what transposition of ovaries using a DaVinci robot is?

I am  currently finding telling people the worst.  I have only told some family and a couple of friends.  It just doesn;t seem like a natural conversation and when I actually use the C word it makes me cringe.  How stupid is that?!




Hi again Sweet pea

It's not at all stupid to find that it's difficult to tell people you have a cancer diagnosis. I don't think even the brashest of attention-seekers would feel OK walking into a crowded pub and announcing to everyone 'Hey dudes! I got cancer!' We react to the word cancer in a different way to any other diagnosis but you need to keep in mind that cancer generally is much more treatable than it used to be and that cervical cancer is one of the most treatable. 

I think we all begin to notice far more 'symptoms' once we have been diagnosed and I'm really not sure if it's because we are paying more attention or if some of it is psychosomatic, but it's pretty well documented on this forum if you read a lot of posts. 

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Trivoli - I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Today has been a bad day. Have been assuming the worst - that it'll have spread and nothing will be able to be done. I know there's no point in that but I just can't shake it. Hubby has been reading the macmillan book I got given and saod "you don't want stage 4"....I know he wasn't really thinking because really, none of us want any of it! But we quickly stopped talking when I said it could be stage 4, we just don't know yet. I feel sick.

Hi Sweet pea

I have recently  been in the boat as u. The wondering the thinking the worst has it spread, but once i had my scans  and staging and treatment plan i do feel so much better.  The waiting is the worst.  I am booked for a Radical hysterectomy  on the 23rd. After all my worrying mine was in the cervix but as i have had my kids hysterectomy was the best thing. Please remember that it is a slow growing cancer and is very treatable and cureable  


If you want a chat inbox me x

Erin I just noticed that you said it took two weeks to find out your staging?  How about the rest of you?
I'm not sure I can wait that long!!


Thanks for your reply Chris11, I hope your hysterectomy goes well. xx

My staging rook around 2-3 weeks x

Hi Sweetpea, 

2 weeks does seem to be the norm to staging. I think it then depends on treatment plan as to how long things take after that. Transposition of Ovaries is basically moving my ovaries out of field of radiation by moving the out of my pelvis into my abdomen. It's supposed to help with keeping them healthy although no guarantees. It was a keyhole procedure in my case carried out by a robot!!! I found this fact amazing but my auntie was a little freaked out by the idea. I have bounced back reasonably well although still unable to drive at the moment.

Mybtreatment starts now in two weeks time. Have decided to make my Christmas cards this year to fill some time!!! Waiting continues to drive me nuts.

Hope you get some answers very soon.

Rachel xx

Ok so two weeks ish. I've known for six days.... Have my ct scan this afternoon.

Rachel I think that is pretty amazing! Is that for potential surrogacy in the future?

Sorry for the slow response.  Only just seen this. 

That's the idea.  Although neither of us are sure on the idea of surrogacy but at least it might be an option.  The other reason behind it is to try and hold off menopause.  As i said before though there are no guarantees.  Will have to wait and see.  

Rach x