Feeling helpless and scared

Hi all.....

was diagnosed with possible 1b cc 3 weeks ago, MRI and CT was last Thurs, next appointment Mon 26th Oct when confirmation of staging and future treatments will be put in place!!

since this diagnosis I've tried my hardest to be positive and sometimes I really am....but other times I feel total dread, anxiety, confused and generally worried.....I'm convinced that I'm going to die and that my results are going to be a lot worse than initially expected, I'm sure I only have months to live and I'm trying to sort everything incase I do.....I just can't help thinking the worst.....im trying to stay busy and keep myself occupied but it's always there in the back of my mind, i just feel so helpless and alone although I have lots of support around me!! 

Kelly x


There are lots of ladies in this forum (like me) who have been through treatment for this stage of cancer.  At all times I was reassured by my consultant that it was curable and to remain positive.  Once you know your treatment plan it will be easier to face.  The waiting is the hardest.  The lovely ladies on here will offer you support through every stage and you are not alone.

Big Hugs and good luck



I'm a 1B girl too and from diagnosis to all clear it was about 6 weeks.  Not sure that speed is the norm, but it just shows how quickly you can be on the road to recovery. As Megan says there are lots of us on here. Just breathe, you will feel alot more positive and in control after Monday xxxx

Hi Melanie, thank goodness they are seeing you quickly and geting you your results.  I know we sound like a broken record but you will feel better once you have a plan in place.  During the waiting period you feel so helpless and out of control and the fear of the unknown is absolutely horrific.  Once you know what you are dealing with and how they will fix it you can focus your energy on that and somehow it makes you feel much better.  not long now.  big hugs xxxxx

Kelly, hi,

It is normal to feel as you do right now as you don't have all the answers but Not long to wait now For you to kick this cancer out of town.


You are entitled to feel positive, negative, helpless etc...This is a tough time for you. 

What I can tell you is that treatment works and between diagnosis and start of treatment very little will change in your body. 


Once you get your treatment plan you will be kept busy and you will be fighting this with cancer surrounded by a team of specialists who will have planned the best treatment to suit your needs. 

Look after yourself and remember we are here if you need us.


Big hugs,



Thank you all for your lovely comments again.....this site and your messages really do help me be a little more positive.

Thank you 

Kelly x


Just like others have said, the waiting really is the worst bit, strange but true.  Once you get your results and treatment plan then you really do start to feel more positive, I know I did.  I'm now 2 years post hystercetomy and doing well - take strength from that and that you too have a future to look forward to.

We'll all be here to help and support you through your journey just like we were helped through ours. 

Big hugs

Cheryl, xx

Hiya! :-)

Just to reiterate what others have said; the waiting is the very worst part, it's like being stuck at a red traffic light. Once you have your treatment plan it's a green light and straight ahead to a cure. Not too long more to wait now.

Be lucky :-)

I got diagnosed with 1B Squamous cc in July, had a full hysterectomy, with 19 lymph nodes removed. Unfortunately, I had a small amount of canceer in one frigging lymph node, so I didn't get to just have ( if you can look at it, this way) of having the op. It took 8 weeks to recover. Then on 8th October, I started chemo radiation, and have 2 brachy treaments to come. It's not been easy, It's 3 hours of my day five days a week, one ay is 9 hours in total, mentally I have gone in to major robot mode. I would ddefinately say, if sickness is bad, as I wasa ridiculously sick, and only just on control now. Radio, seems to kick in on the 10th sesion. It isn't a walk in the park, but I have been able to look after my children to nerly full level. I have been doing early all school drop off's and pick ups, apart from the bad days, Support is crucial in getting through this. The postman, has become my best friend.

Sorry, I'm going on, I think I've been so busy with treatment and not talking to anyone on here because of how I felt, it's actually nice to pop on.


Any question, pm me x


Loop Procedure June 27th 2015

CC Diagnosis 1b Squamous Carcinoma July 6th 2015

Hysterectomy 3rd August 2015

ChemoRadiation 8th October

Hey Sylvia! :-)

So you're having the full gamut of treatments just like me. It's a pain isn't it, having to do the full chemo-rads and brachy as well when you've also had the hysterectomy, and yes those long days at hospital can be so punishing. I'm so impressed that you're coping with the kids as well.

HIGH FIVE to you!

It'll be a little while after all the chemo-rads have finished before you are fully up to speed but it does get better. PROMISE!

Be lucky :-)