For you.....

Hello ladies,
I thought I would share…
It’s been three months since I finished my treatment and like all of you I was scared and thought everyday,what was to come?

The confusion and uncertainties really were so overwhelming so I wanted to post in this section so that you could read something that would help.

I really hope you all take the time to get familiar with navigating through the different forums in new posts as well as older posts as it will really help give you reassurance and it will aid you through this journey. This forum is a really special place and if you are not afraid to post you will begin to feel a part of something very special! :slight_smile:

I finished my treatment in sept and have been back to work for a month now(I could have gone earlier but already had forms so I listened to the dr) as each week passes I feel more and more like the old me. I am getting more and more strength in my pelvis area and feel that the effects from the radio are finally subsiding so I’m not constantly reminded of the treatment every time I go up the stairs or get up from the floor after playing with my little one.

As you start your treatment remember that it will get easier. We do all recover eventually some are quicker then others.

Many people have asked me what was the hardest part of this and I always answer the hardest part is what the diagnosis does to you mentally. So pls remember to take care of yourself physically but do get help if you are suffering mentally as mental health is just as important as physical health!!

Good luck to you all who are just starting and trust in yourself that you will conquer this demon. In the end you will endure!!!

Hugs to you all

Hi Lolli888,

Thank you for this, it really helps to read such positive encouraging posts as I start my journey. Also good to know recovery starts so soon after treatment finishes. 

How long after last treatment do you have to wait to find out that you are all clear?! 

Rhea xxx


i had a physical exam in October with the dr stating all looked really well. My last MRI the day of my last brachy didn't show any sign of the tumour. :)  I'm waiting for my 3 month MRI to be scheduled as the machine broke down. 

Im really not to worried as I do feel better then I have in a long time. I'm hoping the MRI will be soon though as I would like to hear the scan is clear before Christmas. 

I have really found a calmness in all of this, of course I worry but either way you have to accept whatever does happen. Now or in the future. I've just learned to enjoy each day as it is and live, just live. There is no secret recipe to happiness or overcoming this so just be beautiful,  be you!!!!



Many thanks for this Lolli :-) A wonderful post.
Yes, there's nothing more true than the fact that the gift of a diagnosis is the lesson to enjoy each and every day and to never postpone fun.


Hi lolli

its great to hear all is well and that you are feeling better and stronger each day. I hope you also had a lovely Christmas with your little family. 

have you had your 3 month Mri yet? X