Finished treatment today

Hi all, 

So today I had my final round of brachytherapy marking the end of my treatment and the beginning of a 3 month wait for the results.  

I can't help but feeling a little lost.  I've been so strong throughout the treatment and now I feel lost.  

Part of me is cheering that this process is over and I can begin to hopefully recover from the side effects and start doing the normal day to day things I have missed so much, then the other part of me is scared stiff that I've been left alone with this tumour still as big and ugly as it was at the start.

My head is spinning and I can't switch off from this mix bag of feelings. 

Sorry for the moan I just needed to know I'm not going crazy and someone else may have or been feeling this way.

much love x


Hi Michelle

Well done on completing your treatment. Even thought I didn't have the same treatment as you I just wanted to offer you a big thumbs up and say that I hope the hard part is over for you. 

Hope you can treat yourself to something nice as a reward.


Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on finishing your treatment :-). I finished mine a couple of weeks ago and know exactly how you feel as I am going through the same.  Seems strange to finally not have any hospital treatments to go to doesnt it?  Its almost like things should get back to 'normal' but what is normal now?  I can only tell you that after a couple of weeks I still feel a little lost and strange having to wait 3 months for a check up but on the plus side I can feel my strength coming back little by little every day.

Wishing you the best and keep thinking positive thoughts.

Marie xx

Well done 4 getting  to the  end of your treatment  i also  felt  so lost n alone  after treatment i still  have  bad  dsys now 16 weeks on i tried  to go out 4 little  walks  each day  to get me out of house x

Hi there,

yup.... felt the same way and it took awhile before I didn't feel so lost but know that you are not crazy but simply normal. Well our normal, you have now joined the group of being paranoid over every little thing. It takes awhile but this whole journey is a process of climbing many different mountains but boy when we reach the top it feels great!




Thank you all so much for replying, it's means so much I'm not alone in how I'm feeling.  I've decided to make a list of all the things I want to achieve over the next few weeks to try and help lift my mood and also keep me busy from over thinking, nothing major just baby steps and simple things. Today was simply get the washing up done (something my hubby has been doing since I started the treatment lol) and take my eldest child to school, literally a 300 metre walk but it knocked me for six so I'm now resting but I did it :)

onwards and upwards will now be my way of dealing with the next three months and trying to enjoy my now 'free' time with my boys, god ive missed them so much and also missed out on so much, then I will deal with the outcome when it comes.

much love to you all xxx

Every  little thing  drained  me at first  but it helps  to set ur self goals   and remember  still rest plenty  as your body  still recovering x

Hi Michelle 

I finished my brachytherapy 4 weeks ago and felt exactly the same. Like before i was so focused on fighting this cancer and now  don't know what to do and how it will all turn out. 

Im feeling stronger each day and now stressing over my next MRI and what it will show. Fingers crossed all that hard work will have paid off,

keep strong the weeks will go so fast

take care





well done on finishing all the treatment 

everybody feels exactly what your experiencing right now 

youve gone from something happening everyday  to go away and recover with no contact from the consultant or nurses for what seems endless weeks 

they say they  leave you all this time as the treatment is still working and to give you a rest what they dont say is that your mind starts to think all sorts of senarios to be honest you wouldnt be human if you didnt worry 

i cant say how long that lasts but as you start to get stronger and  have good scans it tends to drift away as everyone says the waiting is the worst bit 

take the next few weeks to recover keep your mind busy and when your fit enough to get out or back to work youll find yourself not as lost 

from one Michelle to another your normal

onwards and upwards

love michelle xx  

Hi there - I wanted to let you know i've been feeling exactly the same since returning to work.

It's really hard to 'get back to normal', and it feels really strange to be let free into the world again.

I often find myself struggling or listening to some inane conversation and thinking - who cares about this?! I have also had a couple of emotional moments, one at work and one at a friend's bbq at the weekend. I think things start to catch up with you when you start to reflect on the journey and what has happened.

Best of luck and as you say one step at a time xxx