MRI results

hi ladies,

hope all of you are well. I got my MRI Results from last month and I got an all clear!!! I am now 14 months post treatment. I am doing very well and haven't had any significant issues in a few months now just the occasional bouts of loose stool but I believe that's because of playing around with diet a bit. 

My team thinks it's ok to push my next appointment until April which would be 6 mths from the MRI. :)

still taking my gabapentin for my hotflashes and sore feet but soon my GP wants to start easing me off to see how I will do without. 

I have noticed I only get about 1 week a month that I get some minor night sweats that come on and my oncologist explained that it is most likely a surge in estrogen that is produced by the adrenal gland in the brain. 

 I'm starting to feel more like myself then in a long time. My energy levels are almost back to normal and I don't feel my emotions are all over the place. I'm taking vitamins and exercise which really helps. 

Just wanted to say to you ladies that it does get easier. I am still a stress mess before appointments but I actually don't think about cancer everyday anymore. I still read so many posts as this place keeps me sane and I feel less alone when I think about it all. 

all the best

Hi Lolli that's such wonderful news and will lift spirits on the site. It's always brilliant to hear how well people are doing, so long may it continue for you. High five girl x

What lovely news. Glad things are going well X

Super news :))))) congratulations 

Such good news - I bet you're buzzing!


Sar x

:-) That's a lovely post, Lolli, and I'm so pleased to hear that you're doing well.

Anne x

That is great news.:-) hope all stays well.

Hey Lolli, 

Brilliant news, how wonderful to hear something positive!

So so pleased for you

Flo xx

That's great news. I'm 21 months post treatment and life is pretty much normal too. I still come on here every day to see if I can offer help to other ladies as it was invaluable to me! 

Fantastic news xx

I am so happy for you and your family, brave woman:)


this is fantastic news you so deserve it 

your amazing to the ladies on here with advice 

your doing fab 

celebration over the weekend needed 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Thats great news Lolli Laughing

Lovely news Lolli x

Hi lolli 

amazing news so pleased for you :)) and great that ypu are feeling so well too!! Such a positive for new ladies going through the scary early diagnosis!! I’m the same 2 years now from diagnosis and almost 2 years since op...and I feel great, little side effects, gym every other day work routine pretty much as before...only I appriciate life just that little bit more!!! xx

Fantastic news 

So nice to hear Lolli  

thanks for all that you do for us. 


That's wonderful Lolli, you have been such an inspiration in here and it's brilliant to hear such positive, affirming news. I hope you had a fabulous weekend celebrating. x

Amazing news so happy for you!!!! Xxxx

i had my 3 month MRI today waiting for results post treatment im praying for great results like you so great to see this uplifting me to be positive xxx

Great news , I'm so pleased your doing well . We all need these positive stories