3 month MRI Post Treatment Results - Clear!

Hi Ladies,

just wanted to update you all at my appt on monday i got given the news that my MRI was clear and no evidence of Disease! Just some scarring which is to be expected from the treatment! They really pleased with how i have responded and im doing well. Keeping close eye and checked every 3 months. Im so happy i could scream just want to thank you all for being there and helping me through my journey this forum has been a great support and i will continue to use.

lots of love Francesca xx


Thats is great news.:-)

Lovely news - all the best x 

That's awesome Francesca! So happy for you.


Woot woot!!!


Fantastic news! Couldn't ask for a better Christmas present. 


Yay! Best news before Xmas  

So happy for you x

Oh that's wonderful news. Now you can really go ahead and enjoy your Christmas celebrations. :)