Great news

hello everyone,

just came from my 7mth post treatment appointment! MRI is clear!!!! NED!!!!! I was so scared and worried but it is good news so I'm so relieved. Will still go in 3mths for a visit but he doesn't feel that it's necessary for another MRI  so soon, we will book one for later in the year. I couldn't have had better news today. :)

this forum is such a life saver for me and I can honestly say that all of you ladies are my source of strength and support. 

I worry not just for myself but all you ladies who are my Internet family, to smile with you, cry with you, and just to have you as a part of my journey has made me really thankful for places like Jo's



I am so glad that you had great news. I pray that all stays great. That is wounderful news :-)

Hi Lolli, that's such wonderful news, I'm so pleased for you. You have been such an amazing support to others here on this site that it is great to be able to smile and be happy for you for a change! Thanks for all you give to us through your posts, and here's a three cheers for Jos for being such an amazing forum! Stronger together! Xx

Hi ,

Soooo happy for you :))) i pray all stays the same 


Fantastic news, so pleased for u u r the strength for so many of us newbies on the start of our journey 



Well that's good news. Funny how I can sit on a couch on the other side of the world and smile because one of my 21st Century style pen pals has had some great news. The more clear results you get the closer to forgetting about it you become. Well done. 

Morning Lolli,

Wonderful news!!  I am so pleased for you ♡

I agree that this forum is a lifesaver, when I have had worries or nights where sleep has just not happened & my head has been full of fear & dark thoughts I have always found support & love from all you wonderful women so I thank you all xx

Flo xx

Amazing so pleased and like the others have said sat with a smile on my face for you xx we all touch each other one way or another!! Weekend to celebrate now too perfect ;)) xx


Love this news! I'm so delighted for you have made this journey I'm on a while lot easier for me..when I've struggled to understand certain things you've always been there to reassure and help me make sense of it all...and im sure i am not the only one that feels like this! 

So happy for you 

Kay xx

That's great news Lolli :)

Aw lovely news!! x

Yay Lolli! I am so happy to read this. So happy for your results. 

Thank you so much for all you do for us on this forum. You give so much and it is truly appreciated. 


Go celebrate! 


rosie xx

Thank-you ladies!!!! I'm still over the moon. My hubby and I have decided a trip to the Croatian seaside since last summer was spent in treatment to celebrate (I live in Canada) so I'm super excited and since grandparents are there we will be able to enjoy days on the beach and leave the toddler with them. Yeah!! Some alone time and no dialators needed. ;)

What wonderful news! I'm delighted to hear this. I visited Croatia in the early 90's (when it was the former Yugoslavia) and it has the most stunningly beautiful coastline with mountainous backdrops and turquoise blue seas. The little islands dotted along the coast are pretty special too. 'You time' for the whole family, and richly deserved too. So pleased for you Lolli. :)

That's such great news. Gives us all positive things to look forward to. Can I ask you how do i create a new topic? Each time try it just saves  and won't let me post. Thanks in advance



great news so so pleased for you as your the one that keeps everyone going so you so deserve it 

long may it continue 

onwards and upwards 

love  Michelle xx 

Hi there, just go to the section you want to post it in and right under the heading there should be a blank page with a green plus sign in the corner. 

Hope that helps

Aw such fab news xx

thats great news and your holiday plans sound perfect. So pleased for you xx