Hi everyone,

I don't post here much anymore and when do it's when I'm having scanxiety. 

I just wanted to say even though I don't post I am around. Anyone is more than welcome to reach out and I'll respond.

I am filled with hope as I'm now 11 months out of treatment and NED. The journey was scary but so worth it.

So if you need an ear, someone to laugh with, cry with, get angry with I'm here ❤

Hi Boundie 

lovely message :) nice for the new ladies to know they  can turn to others that are through the other side of treatment!! And that there is hope!! I'm 15 months from end of treatment and don't come on very often these days but I think it's reassuring for others to see we are ok and getting on with things!! It's changed us all but I'm so more thankful for the small stuff I took for granted!! Glad you are doing well as you went through a lot!! xx

Hi boundie and half pint 

I've been recently diagnosed with 1b2 my journey is about to begin , my radical hysterectomy is booked for the 27th June , I feel ok about it but will find it a little scary nearer the time , my MRI was good. as there was no evidence that it had spread, I need to go back after the op for results which will determine weather i need chemo and radiotherapy . It is encouraging for people that has over come this and to tell there journey . I'm feeling quite  possitive, it's my family that have took it hard , I seem to be staying strong for them xx

Thanks Boundie, that's very kind of you....I've got 6 more sleeps until I start treatment so will probably take you up on your offer! Xxx

Hi Boundie How is your hair looking. I finished chemo on July 8th 2016 completely bald. Now my hair has finally been dyed back to my natural colour and is around 4" long in parts and in others less than 2". It's absolutely lovely to worry about these things rather than treatment Don't you think? Jayne 

I hope so Kathryn! It's a blessing to be able to support in any way I can.

Jayne, it sounds like we finished treatment around the same time! I've had three haircuts (more like trims as it grew in so uneven) since mine started growing back. It's thicker than it was and looks like I have highlights although I haven't colored it at all. It's interesting to see each morning as it is still short enough to stand on end haha! It is absolutely a joy to have such things to worry about ❤

Hi ladies I might be in the wrong place as I have just begun my journey, i am 29 been having abnormal pap smears for 3 years I go in on the 19th June for my cone biopsy, how likely is it that they will find cancer? I have never had any abnormal periods or spotting in my life I only found out because I have been trying to fall pregnant for the last 3 years with one miscarriage. If the doc finds cancer he wants to do an hysterectomy which is !y worst nightmare as I don't have any children as yet. Just really scared and you ladies seem like the best place to start at . the doc said cell changes have begun to happen all through the layers reached the basement I  want to know if I am likely to have clear margins 

Hi Letti,

This is a great place to start! Sorry for the stress you are experincing right now.

Mine was very advanced when found so I don't have the experience to fall back on pertaining to clear margins.

That being said, it does not sound like you're having the common symptoms of cervical cancer so that's a positive! Waiting is the worst part so I'm grateful you don't have to wait much longer.

It might be helpful to start a thread in this forum as well as the treatment forum. It will open your question up to many knowledgeable women who can share their experiences ❤

Thank you so so much for the reply boundie I have since spoken to my gynie who had really reassured me that we will only be doing a biopsy and then take it from there he understands just how much I want a baby so that's important to me, I have to just get the biopsy done and be positive in the mean time I will come back and keep you posted here if that's OK, do you have any kids boundie? Thank you so much for the reassurance in respect of the symptoms 

I will keep sending positive thoughts and would very much appreciate the update when you have it :)

Sounds like you have a supportive gynie which will make everything mich easier ❤

I have two kids but they're pretty much grown up. My son just turned 25 and my daughter turns 19 in August. (Ok so they're grown up but I'm not ready to admit that yet!)

I have just turned 40 though so looking forward to living on my own for the first time in my life :)