Follow up with Oncologist

Hi everyone

Had my telephone appt with my oncologist which was just to check on my recovery (which is going okay but hitting a brick wall with weight gain as want to get back up to 58kgs and currently struck at 52kgs)

Had a good chat which finished with confirmation of pelvic MRI last week of January and after pushing and advocating for myself he’s agreed to a full body CT Scan to make sure the cancer hadn’t spread and there are no other issues as a result of treatment.

He’s also happy for me to come in for a full blood count this Thursday and a UTI check up. Don’t think I have one but said I might as well have my urine checked out :crazy_face:

Got the outcome I wanted but my Oncologist stressed again that I might not get my NED status until 6 months post treatment. I’ll get the results about two-three weeks later.

Now to enjoy Christmas and try not to think about the up coming scans! Ughhhh! Scanixty is real isn’t it

Much love
Mena xx


Just had my letter through

My 3 month follow up with my oncologist is 20th February.

Now that made me feel wobble and make it seem even more real…

Glad you have your date booked in!
Scanxiety Is very real :tired_face: already worrying about my next visit!
Hope you have a great Christmas :christmas_tree: xx

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Calmer today. Just had my blood done at the doctors as well. Want to know my red cells are on the higher side of normal now.

Have an amazing Christmas lovely :blush:

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