End of Treatment Results due

So my three months post treatment is nearly up I have an appointment with my consultant a week today to find out how it has all gone. I had a MRI and PET Scan last week in preparation. I am just hoping I get to hear those words All Clear/Disease Free/No Evidence of Disease I don't mind which one! I know this next week is going to be tough I feel like I did back at the start, it's all the waiting, the unknown and your life is out of your hands. I'm trying to keep busy as much as possible and that is all I can really do.

Hi Mrs H,

What a terrible year for you as Rosehip says. You are nearly at the end of the waiting and I really hope its good news. Please re-post when you know xxx

Thank you both as the queen said this really has been my Annus horribilis! I am hoping to end the year with good news fingers crossed

I know how you feel waiting for those words to be said. I've been messed around a bit so I am over 4 months post treatment and I'm having my mri scan this Friday and hopefully find out soon xx