Follow up colposcopy tomorrow

So I'm nearly there; have my check up tomorrow afternoon. Have been counting down the days and hoping that I will cope with the drive & the parking & remembering to ask all the questions I have but most of all hoping that the tests they do will mean that I am now still HPV negative & that there are no more abnormal cells. Finding it difficult to concentrate on much else today. 


All the best for tomorrow 55.  Have you written out your questions so you don't forget any?


Thank you! Yes I have written out my questions although I may remember some more in the morning! Have also written our the names & dosages of my HRT medication. Thank you for your reply; it means a lot!


Good luck on your check up tomorrow! Sending you my best thoughts and energies!

Thank you x

Hi LaurieBeth

They thought all looked well at my appointment and did another pap. If it comes back clear then I will be discharged and have another pap in 3 years & then the next one in 5 years. My results should be back in 3 weeks. They said it was a belt and braces approach to make sure because of the previous discrepancy. Hope you are feeling better. It's so kind of you to think of me when you've been through so much yourself.

I had tea & cake when I got home. I was nervous about going to hospital in a pandemic but I actually felt safer than I do when I go to the supermarket!