Today is the day!

Hi all, 

so, today is the day of my hospital appointment for my colposcopy. I'm so nervous and although have been reading on here not really sure what to expect. Will I get treatment today? E.g. Will they do the laser stuff If I need it there and then?? Can they tell how bad things are from looking or are the going to take a biopsy and I'll have another few weeks wait? I'm scared! Feel like such a big baby! Pathetic Really as there's people worse than me 

They might do treatment, thyey might not it just depends on what they see/ or dont see. I have had two colposcopies and I am stilol on watch and wait for my cells in over 12 months (currently waiting for colp and smear r5esults from 12 mth check), they will avct in your best interests.  Please don't worry, they do this every day! :) They may biopsy - they may not. I for example have had no biopsies as of yet as they are sure all they can see is HPV cells. They then aim to write to you within 4-6 weeks depending on yojur healthcare providder to give you results and next steps. 



Hi there,

I hope your appointment goes well. I have mine on Monday and really not looking forward to it.

Please let us know how you get on and the experience as I'd be interested to know.

Good luck! xx

Mine is today too!  You're not alone. Good luck. :)

Good Luck, let us know how it goes x

Hi Tinders

Hope it all went ok for you today.

Big glass of wine and lots of hugs


So, thought I'd update on how I got on. The Doctor and Nurse were lovely and really explained everything. She said I have moderate abnotmalities from my smear but she would have a look and use the different solutions to see how the cervix looked. I'll be honest, it was rather uncomfortable when she was doing it and then she said she would need to take a biopsy. She made me cough as it helps her to be able to take the biopsy??!! Anyway, she took 2 biopsies then explained that she believes I'll need further treatment. She said that they will write to me in a few weeks with the results of the biopsy and explain what would happen next. She said that it would likely be the "loop" treatment. I think she saw my face then and said that i looked really pale so I should have a seat in the waiting area and got me a drink of water. I don't know why I got so scared about it all but I honestly thought I was gonna faint! So unlike me as nothing phases me normally. The nurse then showed me what they would use if I nended to get treatment which really put my mind at ease. It's a tiny wee thing  that kinda looks like a cheese grater?! and she said its like a melon scoop which scoops out the bad cells. I guess all I can do now is wait for the results. I'm a bit sore down there now and she warned that for the next few days I could have a silvery, watery discharge (yuk!) I guess my advice to anyone going to get it is to try and relax. The staff are so helpful and really nice and put you at ease. It's not nice and is uncomfortable but it has to be done!