Tomorrow is my 12 month hospital follow up. 2 weeks early as today I managed to get a cancellation for tomorrow. 


I asked the receptionist what I was having done tomorrow and she says that as a follow up it is most likely a smear test. I am a little annoyed as I can have a smear at my Drs 1 mile away not at the hospital which is 10 miles away and need to miss a morning of work....!? 

I had CIN 1 on cervix and vaginal Wall with high risk HPV. No biopsies were taken as she was happy tye abnormalities were from HPV only 


hoping and wishing I get a colposocpy tomorrow... What is normal protocol for 12 month follow ups? How did yours go? Any advice and experiences are hugely welcomed as my anxiety is through the roof and it's absolutely making life hell as its all I can think about! 


:-( thank you. 

A morning off work, how lovely! Try to appreciate it, you'll feel much better for it. Just relaxing into some unexpected free time and looking around you should reap more benefits than rushing about fretting about a few hours off work.

Be lucky


Hi Sprinkling Sunshine

Hope it all went ok for you today 


Colposcopy showed no cell changes that could be seen, however still have HPV on the cervix and vaginal wall (albeit very small areas apparently) a smear taejn at the hospital and a wait fior 6 weeks for the results - unsure why a smear was taken at my colposcopy as she told me she couldn't see no abnormal cells just HPV..., wonder how my smear will come back? Have to wait for that letter to know what happeneds next. 

Hey Sunshine

Bet you are relieved that is over. So although not a fun day out you have the benefit of having a thorough MOT and a smear (I suspect the smear is entirely for their records to show due diligence, although I think they test your smear for HPV too) Either way, all done now so well done. It can't have been easy on the nerves.

Now that you know that you still have some lingering active virus now is the time to get your immune system going big style!

Hopefully your smear will come back all fine and you will just have to come back for another smear in 6 or 12 months.

Have a lovely relaxing evening knowing it is all done



I still can't shake the anxiety of it all now I'm waiting for smear results which take 6 weeks incass they find something more further up. I've googled this far too much, however does anyone know If you can have a small area/patch of HPV and whole areas? Do smaller areas mean it could be going? Wish it wasn't do confusing. 

Hi Sunshine

Waiting for test results is undoubtedly a scary time. Please try and rest assured that they were happy to just smear test you and did not feel you needed anything further from their expert opinion. Hospital smears do seem to take an incredibly long time, compared to ones at the GP from what I have heard. Not sure if this is because they are done in house and the others are sent to a different lab? They always give the worst case scenario for timescales, I guess to relieve pressure on the labs. I was told 4-6 weeks for my biopsy but it was in within 2 weeks (naughty me, I called. I am not a patient patient!) so your results may be in a lot sooner than you think.

Try and have some nice things lined up for the time you are waiting and maybe start calling up after a couple of weeks *in no way endorsing putting extra pressure on crippled NHS staff, but do it! Do it!* and when it all gets too much, come to Jo's for a chat

big hugs