first smear= high grade dyskaryosis :(

I went for my first smear 2 weeks ago (age 24) and my results came back a week later as abnormal and having high grade dyskaryosis. I am waiting for a colposcopy appointment to come through the post. I am scared and confused!! I went to the doctor today for a different reason, however i mentioned it whilst i was there and he wasnt very helpful at all! All he said was i have to wait...didnt help or reassure me in any way what so ever!!  I have googled it but just seem to be getting myself more panicked and confused. I feel as if i have this strange thing inside me and its horrible. Sometimes i feel ok and positive and other times i just want to cry and i feel like no one else understands. My mum has had cervical cancer and had a hysterectomy so is really supportive but im scared. My boyfriend is also supportive but if he tells me to stop worryin as there is no point as all will be fine i am going to scream! How does he know that?!?! Any support/advice/reassurance would be really appreciated xx

Aww bless you hun big hugs i am 24 and my smear came back abnormal so went for colp had biopis taken  that came back cin 3 inam now waiting fo the lletz under GA just tr relax i got mself in a rite mess at first was horried then i came on here and the girls r lovly and v helpfull plz let us no how you get on at your colp u r more than wellcome to PM me if yo like xxx

Hi just wanted to say don't google if you can it's always going to bring something sinister up, it sounds to me that they are being thorough and just want to make sure that it's nothing for you to worry about. I know it's hard but stay calm and positive, the colposcopy is not as scary as if sounds I found it slightly uncomfortable but nothing I couldn't handle just make sure you take someone with you for support, it really helped me knowing my hubby was the other side of the door if I needed him. 


Thank u so much for getting back to me ladies :) i no longer feel like im the only person goin thru this...i kno that sounds silly but thats how i felt. Was so nice to wake up to these msgs :) thank u xx

Hi hun same here...had first smear came back severe dyskaryosis..due to cancellation had my colposcopy and lletz 2 n half weeks ago still waiting on results but she said was pretty certain was cin 2/3 and was small area...I didn't stop crying when I had letter. .remember u r not alone at all in this..jos trust was a god send for me xx

Hi mariew, thanks for ur msg. Lets hope this new year brings us some good news! Its so nice to kno its not jus me...even tho its not nice that others r goin thru it too if u kno what i mean! sendin u a big hug xx

I know what u mean hun...u kinda feel alone on here so many other woman have had or have severe dyskaryosis .and yes fingers crossed for all of

Just want to say thanks to everyone posting on this website. I've iust had my first smear (24yrs) and it has come back with severe abnormalities - I'm absolutely terrified and cannot pull myself together but this website has really helped and I literally keep reading it everyday to reassure myself. I've got my colposcopy in 2 weeks and so am trying to stay calm until then. thanks tho for everyones posts and good luck to you all. Xxx

Hi Keogh3,  how u doin? Hope ur ok. Its a really scary time isnt it! Jus wanted to reassure u a little...after havin high grade dyskaryosis from my firat smear i had my colp and lletz done at the same time. Got my results three weeks later 'cin 3 - complete excision'. They got it all :) back for a check up smear in 6 months. I kno its scary hun but there is hope n it wil all work out in the end. Ghe best advice i can give is to try stay calm, dont google and take someone with u to ur colp. I took my mum n couldnt hav done it without her! Sendin u a big hug xx