Worrying newbie

I am 24 and the result of my first smear has come back as high grade dyskaryosis.  I have read endless information about the colposcopy and the potential results. I have told myself not too worry or worry family members until I have these results. That said I am due to have the colposcopy in 2 days and find myself crying at the thought of telling my parents anything and cried when I put my daughter to bed this evening and she grabbed my arm to stay with her a little longer.

Hoping everything will be ok.


Aww bless you hunni am 24 andsame as you the colp is nowt to worry about Hun it's just like a smear test plz do not google it sent me crazy there are some lovely woman on here u have all the support here Hun bug hugs xxxxx

Hi, i had same...high grade dyskaryosis at first smear at 24 :( had colp 2 weeks ago and lletz treatment at same time. Stil waitin on results. Jus remeber ur not on ur own at this horrible n scary time. Ladies on here r lovely. I told my mum too. She was really supportive n i was sooo glad to hav her there with me when i went for colp. Cudnt hav done it without her! I dint wanna tel her but in hindsight  am sooo glad i did. I was so scard n u automatically think the worst n ur mind goes into over drive. Here if u wanna chat hun. Big hugs xx

I got the same results today I'm 36. Im scared to death. I done the wrong thing by searching online. I been crying all evening.

Thank you for your kind words and responses ladies. Got colp today so will let you know how I get on x x

Had colp yesterday and lletz treatment at the same time. Was fine, no pain during or after the treatment. Just got to wait on results which can take up to 8weeks?!? X

If you are worrying or are upset then tell someone you can talk to easily. There's no point going it alone. People will be more understanding than you think when they realise how uncertain you're feeling :)