First smear, borderline and HPV positive (newbie)

Hi All,

I am 24 (4 months off 25) and have just received my first smear results of borderline abnormalities and HPV positive. I am absolutely devastated. Having had the HPV vaccine and only slept with 2 people in my life I had hoped my risk for HPV was quite low, it also means I have had it for years and so am confused why it hasn't cleared. I am awaiting my colposcopy but am so anxious I can't eat or sleep or do my job properly. Does anyone have any advice or experience of being in my position? 


Thank you xxx

Hi Kate,

Sounds like you've been really unlucky.  That said, apparently 80+% of the adult population have HPV at some point, so you're really not on your own on that one. 

I too panicked when I got a call for a colposcopy appointment just a week ago.  I had the Colposcopy and LLETZ last Friday - it really isn't as awful as you're probably imagining in your mind.  In fact, I found it no less comfortable than a smear.  There are more nurses in the room which obviously makes it a bit stressful/embarrassing, but they've seen it all a million times before, day in day out. I too wasn't sleeping between knowing that I had the appointment and it all being over and done with. The night after it was all done and dusted I slept like a baby. 

As yours is borderline, they may well just decide to keep an eye on things for now.  I'm no expert, but as I understand it only high grade (moderate/severe) often have to have treatment.

Anyway, good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the colposcopy/what happens etc. I was there last Friday so it's all still fresh in my mind.

Hope all goes well,


Hi Kate

I am in the exactly the same boat as you, I will turn 24 in April. My results were low grade and positive for HPV. I have been in for the coloscopy and it wasn’t as bad as you think. I had a biopsy taken which for me wasn’t painful at all. My results have just came back all clear and that I should attend a smear test yearly. Try not to worry to much. x 

Hi, I'm in the same position, had the HPV vaccine 10 years ago and am 26 with low grade on pap smear. I was PANICKING but went today for my colposcopy and it really really wasn't as bad as I built it up in my head. It was over in 5 minutes and the biopsies didn't hurt themselves, just the cramping afterwards. 

My advice is to just take some ibuprofen beforehand and make sure you eat something before as if they take biopsies you can feel a bit faint afterwards. 

I have been freaking out leading up to this as well, so completely get you. But it really wasn't that bad, and I was also devastated but once I digested it all, chances are everything's fine - this happens to so many women whose CINs don't develop. 

All the best and try to take your mind off of this - keep yourself busy!