24, first smear, HPV positive and borderline changes - very worried

Hi everyone, 

I just thought I'd post in the hope someone could give me any peace of mind as I'm so worried and feel like I'm on the verge of crying pretty much all day everyday. 

I recently received the results from my first ever smear test - HPV positive and 'borderline changes'. I haven't gotten my colposcopy appointment yet and after calling the hospital yesterday have been told it'll be no earlier than the end of June due to Covid. I'm very concerned that 3 months is a long time a) for me to be sat worrying day in day out b) with my abnormal cells and the possibility of them getting worse over the course of the 3 months. Could anyone shed any light on this?

I can't help but think the worst and I'm getting myself into a hole of negative thinking. I keep wondering if they didn't pick up more severe cells on my smear so when I go in June they might be in a bad way - I've seen a couple of people on here went to their colposcopy thinking they had low grade and actually had CIN2/3.

I also didn't think I had any symptoms, but actually for the past year I've been battling with severe pain on my right hand side (tested multiple times for appendicitis which has always been clear, had an MRI for my small bowel which I am awaiting the results of, and had multiple scans all of which have come back completely fine minus a diagnosis of pcos) so now I'm wondering if this pain is to do with my cervix and it's been ignored for a year. 

It would be great to hear if anyone was in a similar position than me or if there is anything I can be doing in the meantime to stop myself worrying so much 


Hi, sorry to hear how worried you are and that you have a while to wait for your colposcopy. Just wanted to try and reassure you that what you have is very common and odds are hugely in your favour that you'll be fine. My consultant told me that 80% of adults will contract hpv, most of the time our immune systems will fight it into dormancy, especially for you as you are young. You can help yourself by doing what you can to boost your immune system, eat well, sleep well, take a multi vitamin and definitely dont smoke as there's a strong link betweem smoking and persistent hpv infection. If the worry is getting too much I would try the colposcopy clinic and ask if they have any cancellations or gaps to fit you in sooner x

Hey Miagc, 

I am in the same postion as you. Smear came back as HPV with borderline cell changes. After waiting nearly four weeks i have my colposcopy tomorrow and am so nervous of if they will find anything worse when i get there, but after reading everything it looks like borderline is the smallest level of cervical changes so just try to keep reminding myself of that. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment, perhaps they will contact you earlier with any cancellations. 


Hi crobson91,

Good luck with your colposcopy tomorrow! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you that all will be well - I'd really like to hear how the experience was for you/what was said afterwards if that's ok!


Hi miagc,

I'm in a very similar position to you, I recently had my first smear and received the results 5 weeks ago of HPV with borderline changes. I'm also feeling really worried about it all especially as I still haven't yet received my colposcopy appointment and have no idea how long I will have to sit anxiously waiting for it. 
I know reading this won't help you stop worrying so much but thought I'd reply as I'm in the same position and feeling the same way. 

Thank you Miagc, 

i will let you know I get on. Feeling nervous. It's at 8 30 am so at least it is over with early! 

Hey miagc 

I too am in the same boat as a few of you ladies! Had my first smear and my results came back HPV positive & boardline changes. I was super shocked and been on google/ YouTube everyday since driving myself mad! I've received my colposcopy date but it's 4 weeks away and in the letter it says this is their earliest appointment. Not allot we can do but try and stay positive! I really didn't know allot about cervical cancer untill now, and I'm frightening myself because some of the symptoms I do have, ' bleeding after sex, spotting, and pain during sex.'  When I was around 17 when this first started happening I went for a scan of my cervix's and it all came back fine & healthy.. so I just assumed it is just how I was, untill the nurse said it's not normal at my smear. Just counting down the days untill the colposcopy! We're all in this together best of luck girlies x x x 

Hi, I received the same result in January and managed to get a cancellation for colposcopy as I was really worried too. The colposcopy itself was nowhere near as bad as I expected. The consultant was really reassuring and said that she couldn't see anything she was concerned about but took a punch biopsy to make sure. This came back negative and I'm back to 3 yearly screens with GP. 


I received the same result back in January and managed to get a cancellation a couple of weeks later as I was really worried. The colposcopy itself was fine, lovely nurses, the consultant was reassuring and told me at the time she wasn't concerned but took a punch biopsy to make sure. The result was negative and I'm back to 3 yearly cervical screens at the GP. I know it's hard not to worry but hopefully this positive story helps x 

Hi all, 

So i have just got back from my coloscopy. I had a result of HPV and boardaline changes and waited arounf four weeks for my appointmnent. I had got myself so worked up and anxious for the appointment but it was actually okay. Will give a brief outline of what happened for anyone who is awaiitng their appointment. 

I had a quick chat with the doctor about my smear results and some basic questions (when my last period was, any medications etc) He asked if i minded a student nurse, who was a young lad, observing which i felt a bit weird about at first but it was fine, and i guess thats how students need to learn. I then got changed behind the curtain into a gown and laid on the bed with my legs in the stirrups. I know some people said there was a screen where you could see your cervix but there was not one in the room i was in, he just had the big binoculars. The doctor then put the speculum in, so exactly the same as a smear test. He said he could see a small area where the cells had changed. He then took a biopsy, it was a bit uncomfortable, a bit like a pulling sensation but i wouldnt say painful. And that was it. I'd say this bit took less than ten minute

There is a nurse with you the whole time aking if you are okay. I felt a bit faint when they was finished, as i'd been really stressed and not ate any breakfast so i lay there for a while till i felt okay. I then got dressed and had a quick chat. He said he suspects it will be CIN1 and if so will probably just need another smear in six months if not i may need to come in for further treatment, he said the results will be around 2-4 weeks. He also said i may get some cramping today but i feel fine so far.

I am really glad the appointment is over. Like everyone else i have been really anxious, worrying and frantically googling the last month but the coloscopy where near as bad i thought it would be! now just the wait for the results which i am sure i will now worry about too! lol 

Hi crobson91,

I'm so glad it's all over for you now and it wasn't as bad as you were expecting! And good news that you don't have to have any further treatment and can be monitored :) 

I hope you don't have to wait too long for the finalised results and can try to find things to take your mind off it, but at least the hard part is over! xx

Hi Mia,


What a worrying time for you. I know some ladies on this forum have done a couple of things when faced with similar circumstances.

1) they've called the colposcopy clinic, explaining their anxieties and got in earlier with someone else's cancellation.


2) they have chosen to go private.


But, on the basis its showing borderline changes my understanding is that priority is given to people with high grade abnormal cell changes.


Also, I'm not sure if you know this already but the research suggests that cervical cancer takes around 10-15 years to present.


Keep trying to remind yourself of these things when you find your thoughts are going to darker places and try and do as much as possible to take your mind off what you're going through by doing activities that, take concentration.


Sending you big hugs lovely. Please let us know how you get on x

Hi, I'm also 24 and had my first smear last month, I rung my GP purely because I hadn't heard back anything. The receptionist told me that HPV has been detected but it was also an insufficient sample and to go back in 3 months because "it's like a spot it could just go away, not to worry". I have been hysterical all day and I'm thinking the worst. Also worried that 3 months is a long time and worried I'm not going to stop thinking about it until then. 

Hi I've just received my screening result with a positive HPV and low grade dyskaryosis. I'm out of my mind with worry abs can't concentrate thinking the worst! I've had two bleeds between periods to, almost like periods to be honest In the last 5 months so am

super anxious. Have to have a colposcopy but no date as yet.


thx everyone