First smear results hpv+ and borderline changes

Hey I just had my first smear results back and I’ve now really worked myself up and I’m pertified as it says I have slightly abnormal cells and am also positive for hpv.

I need to go for a colposcopy but I don’t know when that will be as they haven’t set the date yet.

Does having the hpv virus mean I will develop cancer at some point?

Should I tell my partner?

see my response in your other post :) x


I know you have only posted this in the last few days & I was wondering if you're able to keep me updated? Have you had your date for your Colposcopy yet?

I had my first smear results back yesterday (I'm 24) and they have come back exactly the same as yours- I am such a worrier, I'm terrified, cannot stop crying & feel continually sick.

Thinking of you :(