Borderline changes and HPV positive

Hi everyone!

I'm a bag of nerves today as I have my first colposcopy in a few hours time.

It's been 5 weeks since I went to my smear. I had my first one over 10 years ago! I had no problems with the first one, but this time I bled for 3 days after. I contacted my nurse but she suggested it was most likely my period was triggered early. However, two weeks later my period arrives as normal. I was very worried about the amount I bled initially, but as time past I forgot all about it.

2 weeks later I get the results from the smear test. The next day I get the letter from the hospital with my colposcopy date.

I've been terrified ever since. I have been with my husband for 5 years and another long term relationship before that.

I'm really worried because I'm guessing I've been HPV positive for a long time without my immune system fighting it off and as it's been 10 years since my last smear how long has my cells been abnormal?

Obviously I'm praying for it to be a case of me working myself up for nothing but I've definitely learnt my lesson and will never ignore an invitation to a Pap smear again! 

Fingers crossed and thanks for reading.


Easy to say but try not to worry ! I had the same last year and all sorts of worries that must have been there a long time etc .

but the smear was right it was just borderline changes and hpv found at the colposcopy , and the nurse said if it had just been one and not the other would not have even had colposcopy. Anyway 12 months later after a repeat smear things are back to normal and back to normal screens . In the meantime I have tried to have a better diet and came off the pill . Might be unconnected but also think 12 months ago I was quite stressed too

so most likely your smear is right , and you will just need to go back in 12 months to check no further changes . Wishing you all the best .

So, I received my results from my colposcopy biopsies today. The letter is very vague but I have CIN stage 3. It then goes on to say my results will be discussed in the monthly meeting to determine a further plan of management. :(