Anyone else...???

Hi i was wondering if anyone else has had the same thing as me as im terrified and need some support...

When i was 26 i had my 1st smear test, this came back as borderline changes, i then was recalled for another smear test 3 months later which also came back as borderline changes. I was asked to wait another 6 months and to be retested and this test came back normal, and my next 6 monthly smear came back abnormal so i was told i would not need another one for 1 year. I completely forgot about it until i went to see my nurse about something completely different and she reminded me i was 3 months over due my next smear test. 

My latest smear test has come back saying mild dyskaryosis and evidence of high rate HPV. I have now been reffered for a colposcopy in 2 weeks time and im terrified!!!


does this mean that the cell changes have gotten worse?

is it a good or bad sign that they returned to normal and then abnormal again?

has anyone else had exactly the same thing, if so what were your final results?


Also i should say that i am now 28. I have always had irregular and painful periods and now have the merina coil fitted.

The only symptoms i had was back when i was 26 i used to have alot of bleeding between periods and after sex.

I feel extreamly unwell and tired but then im putting that down to stress and anxiety 





Hello, I have the exact same experience. 2 borderline, then normal, then borderline with hpv positive. Don't worry too much, you will have a biopsy at your colposcopy and depending on the results of that they may or may not treat you. I had "ungradable CIN" at my biopsy and I'm actually booked in for a lletz in exactly 2 hours :( little tip, when you go for your colpscopy sometimes they offer treatment there and then, if they do then take it!! As it will cut about 6-8 weeks out of waiting waiting waiting. One more thing, the HPV only started in the last few years, so what I'm saying is that you may of had borderline changes plus HPV positive from your first smear And if that's the case they will probably give u treatment as its clear your body can't fight off the HPV on its own. here if you want any advice I had better get up and ready lol xxx

  1. Hi thank you so much for your reply. I will definately take treatment there if offered because this wait is driving me insane, the unknown is very scary, this site is fantastic though, knowing so many other woman are going through the same thing.  Im glad you said about the hpv test being new so i could of had it all along as this is another thing ive been thinking about.
  2. has your doctor said why your test went back to normal between borderline tests? im also really worried that my 1st two were borderline and now its changed to mild dyskaryosis so does this mean that its infact slowly getting worse?
  3. i really hope your lletz was ok today