Borderline Changes and HPV Positive



I have just received the results from my first ever smear test and they say there are borderline chnages with a positive HPV result. I have read a few things online about the HPV virus itself and I'm so worried after finding out that the type I've been tested for is the common cause for cervical cancer. I am so concerned about my results now that it's starting to effect me mentally. I have to go for a colposcopy but am waiting for the appointment. I am so afraid that when I get there the doc will say I've had the HPV for years and it's caused cancer! I've had pelvic pain before and discharge but always put this down to a period or being on the pill - now I'm not so sure!

Borderline changes are mild love I wouldn't worry I had severe high grade dyskorisis  and I'm terrified but both are really common I'm sure everything will be fine waiting is hard and your mind goes over time I can't shut mine of waiting for biopsy results but I know im worrying about nothing good luck n chin up xx

Hiya, it's very worrying however borderline changes are

very very mild CIN1 and these will usually go back to normal 

themselves, I have been diagnosed with CIN3 so I'll need 

treatment for it as theee won't go back to normal alone, 

i also had a colopscopy on Monday it wasn't too bad although my consultant

was awful, he didint do any treatment as mine are too deep in the tissue

so he took a biopsy im now waiting on those results. If you have any worries

call your GP or nurse they will be able to talk you through you're results


good luck xx

Hi girls,


thank you so much for your replies! I know, it's def the wait that makes this so much harder :( I don't even have my colposcopy appt letter through yet and I'm so afraid of what they're going to tell me they have found. To be honest it's the HPV that worries me the most. I have been with my husband 9yrs now and it worries me that if I caught it before I was with him it's going to cause big problems and I'm wondering why my body was unable to fight it off. I spoke to Jane on the helpline today and she was FAB!!! She's advised that I will most probably need treatment and biopsies but at this stage there's nothing to worry about x

Hiya, I see women all the time talking about HPV virus and how they've caught it. 


First off off don't blame yourself you'll never know how long or when or by whom you caught it off


its not a Dirty thing to have, I don't ubderstabed why a lot of people se wor as that? 


May at just be me that thinks that way but to me lots of women have it it's something that cannot be helped 


I hope your husband supports you regardless of the outcome, and don't blame yourself like iv said many many women have it

iv been with my partner for almost 8 years and he never once blames me for it xx

I had mild changes and HPV and went for my

colposcopy today. It wasn't too bad but they did have to take a biopsy so I am now quite worried. Does anyone know how long it takes for the results?