First smear at 34

Hi all

I have been lurking for a while but signed up to this forum today. Great site that has helped to put my mind at ease somewhat.

So I am 34 and have never had a smear...however I am booked in for one at 11.30 this morning! Not so much nervous about the procedure but worried there might be something wrong.  I suffer from anxiety so the long wait for results is going to be difficult for me.

I haven't had any symptoms other than the odd lower back twinge that feels like it might be hormonal...I really wish I had gone years ago and feel really stupid that I didn't :(

Thanks for reading and I will post again later to say how I got on. 



Just got home. Everything went absolutely fine!

The nurse was lovely and reassuring. She asked why I had waited 9 years. I told her about my anxiety. She explained that if everything was normal that I'd only need to come back in 3 years for another smear, and if there were any problems that I might need another smear to get a better sample of cells or if anything wrong then which hospital I would be referred to. She said the results would be sent to my home address and they try to get them back to you within 2 weeks. All very straightforward.

She then took me to the room next door, gave me some tissue paper to act as a "towel" to cover myself with then left me to undress below the waist. I was wearing a longline top so that left me feel more covered anyway. Too cold for a skirt :) I laid on the couch and covered myself with the tissue.

When the nurse came back in she turned her lamp on and asked me to move my feet closer to my bum and drop my knees. She then inserted the speculum. I would describe the feeling as a slight stinging, uncomfortable feeling, but not painful. She said she could see my cervix immediately (I think this is a good thing lol). I didn't really feel her taking the cells too much so didn't find that anymore uncomfortable than the speculum being in place. She was all done within a minute! I asked her if everything looked normal and she said absolutely. Obviously will need to wait for the results but that has given me a little reassurance. Even if there is anything wrong, I feel so much better now I've been. 

Hope this is helpful to anyone worrying about going for a smear as there really was nothing to it. Will post again with my results :) 

So I got a letter today. "Unfortunately we are unable to give you a result for your test because the laboratory was unable to see enough of your cells clearly." I've got to go for another test on or after 20/6. Anxiety is going through the roof :(