First screening at 38!

So, I’m 38 and I’ve never had a cervical screening…I’ve had 3 children, so that probably seems silly…doesn’t it? Like, I had all those people around me during labour and I can’t face a 121 with a nurse :woman_facepalming: Anyway, I’ve booked a cervical screening for the Tues 5th Sept at 11.30 because on 4 different occasions, I’ve had some bleeding after sex. I’m 70/30 that’s it’s due to the position but obviously, I know it’s something that should be checked. I feel ok about it at the mo but I know, closer the time…it’s going to be a different story! I have history of childhood s**ual abse and rpe. The nurse isn’t going to know that and I don’t know if I want her to know but I’m kinda worried about getting myself worked up and crying! I have a therapy session before it at 10-10.50, so that’s probably a good thing! What will I be asked, during the appt? Thanks!

Hey :wave: I think having your therapy before is a brilliant idea, also if you feel too nervous and scared, tell the nurse how your feeling, she will completely understand and you dont have to tell her anything more than how your feeling. Im so sorry you’ve had to go through what you have, sending big hugs.

Every nurse I’ve had has been very nice, and chatty. They’ve all made me feel at ease and distracted by the conversation haha, and before you know it, its over and done with.

I’ve had 3 smears and all have asked when your last period was, if its regular, if your on contrecption and any abnormal bleeding.

It is so quick, your on the bed less than a few minutes hun.

Hope this helps xx


Hi, the appointments are normally quite quick. I would probably tell the nurse you’re nervous and say you’ve never had one before, this will really help the nurse, as there is different sized speculums, she will use the smaller one with this information and talk you through everything. The speculum is small and plastic, and is used to open the cervix. There shouldn’t be any pain but if you are not relaxed it can feel uncomfortable (easier said than done I know). It only lasts for 30 seconds as the nurse collects some cells from the cervix with the brush. This is also an opportunity whilst the cervix is open for the nurse to take a quick look at your cervix health.
You can also ask the nurse if you can listen to some music from your phone if you think this might relax you, for me breathing exercises work, as I too can tense up, but breathing my way through really helps me.

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