35 and first time smear test,

Hey guys,
Just thought I’d share my story with you all. I am 35 and had never been for a smear test. I was too embarrassed when I was younger barely liked looking at my vajajay myself never mind a complete stranger, so I put it off and the older I got the more scared I got, was convinced something was wrong so again put it to the back of mind but It popped up every now and then.
Fast forward to this year, had a few health complaints and my anxiety reached a new high, when these passed I had a word with myself and eventually plucked up the courage to book a smear test. The receptionist at my drs even said do you want the nurse to call you the week before to talk you through it which I thought was great.
She called me talked me through it and put me at ease, in the run up to the test I was calm and even on the day I was calm. So unlike me.
Getting the test done was interesting! My cervix was facing back so she had a job trying to find it! But she did and it felt like a little tickle when she was taking the sample. The nurse couldn’t have been more lovely.
I was told up to 6 weeks for my results but I received them today which is less than 2 weeks.
They were all clear and I will be invited back in 5 years. The wait is over and I finally feel like I have accomplished something that bothered me terribly for years.
My reason for sharing is if you’re anxious like me, too scared or scared of the results like me, it’s better to know than to bury your head in the sand.
The test is over in minutes ( maybe a bit longer if you have a funny cervix like me!) the nurse does not care at all what you look like down there she just wants to get in and out and you to get on with your day!
It’s easy for me to say to do it as I’ve had clear results but honestly it really isn’t that bad.
We women are amazing and it’s amazing what our bodies go through. If you are reading this I hope you know that you are amazing too and you can do this and I hope this story helps you and if you want any more information, send me a message :slightly_smiling_face: xx