First timer

Hi all,

Firstly, I feel very silly for posting this after having read such serious, inspiring and courageous stories on this forum. Basically, I'm 28 years old and I am (shamefully) going for my first smear tomorrow. I have put it off for long enough and for no good reason. I am now terrified as the more I read about the symptoms the more Istart to relate them to myself. I recently noticed a change in my discharge (thicker/clumpier). No bleeding during or after sex, although it can sometimes be painfu which I have put down to my lack of natural lubrication at times. As i know I had this smear coming up and did a self exam, which i wouldn't normal do. I found a small lump on the inside of my vagina and also I am not sure the entrance to my vagina feels as it should. I am now panicking as I feel I have all these things for the nurse to check out tomorrow and don't know where to start. I feel ashamed that I am 28 and have never been checked. I am a chronic worrier. I am just dreading the whole experience and I guess I'm looking for moral support.

Thanks all :)

hya lyddie,

try not to worry. u have put it off but a lot of people actually do... i think more needs to be done about making people aware. the nurse should make you feel at ease and have your questions ready for when your there, they are there to help. and seriously it isnt as bad as you think its going to be whole thing only takes like 10mins. as u have said ur a worrier no point me saying dont worry lol but try and relax as much as possible. i hope this helps. x

Hiya, don't put yourself down about it, many women do put it off

tge main thing is you're going for one now, make sure to tell the nurse that does 

it all your concerns and what you've found don't hold back on anything, also the smear itself 

is slightly uncomfortable as you can imagine but it shouldn't be painful for you, 

dont be embarrassed either as the nurse has seen everything all before. 


Good luck xx

Thanks both - it's all over now, just got to wait for results now...