First Smear

Hi Everyone


I am new to this forum but have been looking at it a lot over the past 3 weeks. Hope it’s ok i post this here

I had my first smear last Monday and today received the results back which were normal.

I just wanted to say to anyone who has never had one before and is looking at this forum (this was me before last Monday )

Do not be worried.

I am 24, 25 in 6 months, i was shocked when i got my letter i didn’t realise it was quite normal to be called up before your 25th birthday.

My mum nagged me to make an appointment straight away with the nurse which i did.  In my mum’s words she told me there is nothing to be ashamed off, once you have had three kids, your smear is a walk in park.... and it was.

That didn’t stop me worrying though and still i googled sites and sent my mind into overdrive.  Then i came across Jo’s trust. Although some of the stuff on the forum scared me it was really good too read people’s stories good and bad.  It gave me an idea of what can happen if results didn’t go my way and what the next steps would be which i knew none off.

So i went last Monday the nurse put me totally at ease, explained everything, and showed me what a speculum looked like. I lied on the bed and she said if it became unbearable to let her know and she would stop.  She then asked me had i ever been skiing which quite made me laugh and before i knew it.... it was over.

She explained how results can take two weeks but not too be alarmed if it took longer. I Received my results today (11 days later ) All normal, that nervous feeling in my belly has now gone.


So if anyone like me is looking on this site, not sure what to expect.  I hope reading this might help.

Thank you Vicky :-)

Bless you for that!