First period after lletz

Had my lletz 2 weeks today. I’ve had no problems with discharge bleeding or pains. Saturday a little bit of light pink blood, abit more Sunday. I was due on today but I know they say you can come on early. So Monday I was bleeding heavish then slowed down by the evening then yesterday was abit heavier with clots, but usually get them with my period.also had mri and ct scans yesterday so was anxious. This morning it’s very heavy again. Is this normal lots of clots but not sure if this is the scab or my normal period. No temp no smell not in pain as such. God the things us women have to deal with.

Hi! Its a worrying time with loads of weird stuff going on in your body you're not used to isn't it? Along with the stress of what you're going through, I am not surprised you're worried. Everytime some new side effect/weird thing happens to me, I freak because nobody else seems to have the exact same set of symptoms.

I had my LLETZ two weeks ago and I've had yellowy clear discharge for the first few days, then weird chunky things with charcoal, then a week solid watery black coal like discharge. Then just as that seemed to stop, I passed a clot about the size of a lemon, then a tiny bit of blood for a day, now I seem to be passing watery yellowy pink stuff.

from what I can gather the effects vary greatly from person to person. At the end of the day, we have had a bit of an invasive procedure done and the body will need time to heal.

it does say on my aftercare leaflet that 10-14 days after LLETZ you can develop an infection in the newly healing skin and to watch out for heavy bleeding and if you are concerned about anything to ring the clinic.

put your mind at ease or get the care you need if you need it and give them a ring!

Its awful being a lady sometimes it really is but we are all here sending you positivity (as hard as it can be right now!)


It is a horrendous time. From treatment to waiting for results. So far I'm 1b cc had my mri and ct scans yesterday and results on Friday with consultant. Fingers crossed it's still 1b. I do think it's my period. I went to work this morning, I'm a private house cleaner so theirs lots of lifting and bending and stretching.  Got home thinking I'd be in an awful mess. But wasn't so pleased with that. Think its dying down now. Bad siatica though. All the best to you. X 

Good luck on Friday and in the mean time look after yourself. I have a job where its all lifting and running about and the day I had the clot was when i felt well enough to start lifting again. Silly me! Keep an eye on things and ring them if you feel any worse. I hope you get the best news you can.on Friday. Xx

Thankyou x