First Period after LLETZ & Question about Scab

Hi :)

I had LLETZ last Wednesday (27.01.2021) after finding out from my first smear in October that I have CIN II cell changes. The treatment itself was pretty horrible, it took a lot longer than I was expecting (40 mins) and my Doctor had trouble cauterising one of the vessels because it wouldn't stop bleeding. They managed to in the end but warned on the day that I may need to go to A&E if the bleeding gets heavy but said that if it didn't bleed that day it should be fine (...thankfully it didn't).

I was feeling quite crampy, tired and sorry for myself afterwards so took a few days to completely relax and finally ventured out for some fresh air on a walk yesterday. 

I'm now 5 days post-LLETZ, I've had the browny/gritty discharge but was quite surprised to find the scab had come away this morning - This seems super early having read other people's experiences on this forum. I came on my period yesterday and I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Could it also be because of the tricky blood vessle or the walk?

Has anyone experienced anything similar? 

Thank you!

M x


Hi MC, 


I had my LLETZ the day before yours so I'm not able to speak from experience I'm afraid. But I did have something really yucky and unusual looking come out of me on day two. 


It looked like a half shrivelled umbilical cord. 


Is this what your scab looked like?


I'm just wondering if I've already lost my scab or if it's still to come?


I also had some weird orange stringy fleshy bits on day two as well, but no weird bits since, just water discharge. 


I ventured out for my first walk yesterday so was anticipating changes but everything is the same today. 


Sorry for the overshare! X

I had CIN3 removed by lletz. I had about 5 or 6 days of smelly, watery discharge gradually getting heavier then 7 days of bleeding about as heavy as a normal period then a further week of brown discharge/bleeding that was like the last day of a normal period. I never noticed my scab coming out.

I did notice in the week that I was bleeding that if I overdid things that the bleeding was slightly heavier for a couple of hours.

I felt completely recovered after 3 weeks but left it another 10 days before having sex just to be sure (I was about to go on holiday and didn't fancy trying to explain an infection in French!)

One thing you notice on here, though, is there seems to be a very wide range of normal.

Hope this helps 


Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

I hope you are both doing well.

I'm three weeks post-LLETZ now and feeling totally back to normal - my results also came in this week and showed that the abnormal cells have been completely removed. Yay!