2 weeks post lletz advice

Hi could anyone try to answer a couple questions I have please? I had my lletz for cin2 almost 2 weeks ago. I've had very watery discharge, at first normal then the smell got v unpleasant so saw my gp and I'm now on antibiotics. The smell is still there and I've now noticed tiny black bits in my discharge, what is that? Is it the scab coming off? I rang my colposcopy clinic today and my results are in already however the receptionist said the nurse had to "review" my results, she said I'd get a letter hopefully next week and if not, should ring again next week. Is this positive or just routine? Would they have called me if it was cancerĀ 

I guess it could be scabs but on my aftercare sheet I was told to expect black specks. the black specks in my case was due to stuff they used to stop the bleeding cos I bled a lot during lletz (a lot more than what they consider normal). I also got an infection & was put on two types of antibiotics and literally within 24 hours the smell had gone and what was dark brown/blacky looking disgusting smelling discharge was light pink spotting with no smell. Your antibiotics should kick in soon

Thanks, yes they are black specks. i can see we had our lletz days apart from your history in your signature. Hope you are doing ok, how are you feeling? The smell has subsided a bit this afternoon so hopefully that means the antibiotics are kicking in, yay! I wonder when we will know we are actually all healed and can start enjoying baths, swimming and sex again? The guideline is one month but apparently some are fine after 3 weeks and can resume normal life?


Black specs are totally normal, I was told to expect this. I too was put on antibiotics and was told to wait four weeks before sex / swimming. My Lletz was 6 weeks ago now and it took me surprisingly longer 9about 6 weeks) to feel normal again but everyone is different! I stopped bleeding after 2-3 weeks I think. Good luck! x

Just over three weeks since lletz for me and I'm only just starting to feel pain free but expecting my first period since lletz within the next couple of days and have heard a lot of horror stories about periods after so can't say I'm looking forward to that. I'm fed up of waiting now though, my biopsy results were back within three weeks so was hoping lletz results would be the same but no luck as of yet. Praying I don't need another lletz though. I think I've been put off sex forever lol the last thing I want is more prodding around up there lol! im thankful abnormal cells we're found but it's all so invasive! x

Gemlou, I got my period like 3 days after lletz and I was fine, it wasn't more painful than usual. But maybe that's just me. Hope it goes ok for you and good luck with your results x