Bleeding After LLETZ

Hello Ladies,


Firstly , sorry not to have been on here for ages, life got hectic! Hope you are all well.

I'm sure there are other threads on this topic, but right now I'm mildly panicking!


Last week I had my LLetz for CIN 2, all went well, I actually reacted much better to it than my colp. when I nearly fainted! *wuss

I had thought I'd been healing well with just a watery discharge but today I've woken up and its much more like a very light period, (TMI) ie proper period blood. It's not loads but my doctor led me to think it shouldn't be actual blood. I've run two pack of pill together so its not my period either.


I've left a message at the clinic so just waiting for their call, I just wondered what others' experiences of this were?


Thank you!


K x



Hi Kupcake,

I think you've done the right thing by leaving a message with the clinic who saw you but just wanted to reassure you that the same thing happened to me! I was swanning around thinking 'yey I'm one of the lucky people who heals quickly' and my body went 'errrrrrrr no' it started about a week after LLETZ with a bit of light pinkish bloody discharge, then what can only be described as (tmi!!) a scab and, apart from when my big toenail came off once due to dropping a chair on it, it was the grossest thing I've ever experienced. After that i had bright red blood on and off for the following 4 weeks (not aided during one point in the 4th week when I thought things were back to normal when I jogged up the stairs at work - promptly had to visit the ladies and the red blood was flowing again!) I think it's all part of the healing process, but you've definitely done the right thing to put you mind at rest :) x

Thank you Becky,

I actually remembered your other posts about this when I logged in this morning, so that was reassuring and great to hear from you, thank you!

I wanted to get in touch with the clinic today as its just typical it happens right before the weekend when they are unavailable!

Thanks again


K x



Hi Kupcake,

Let us know what they say :) It's probably just one of those things but always better to be sure :) and don't worry, as much as it doesn't feel like it right now, you will get back to normal eventually :) x


My colposcopist said "if you have to change 2 or more pads an hour, we need to see you again" Ive found that there is no normal when it comes to this kind of thing and you just have to go with flow (not a pun) I hope you feel better soon... I had mine on Monday and I seem to be getting gradually worse everyone seems to be different!!


Take care x

I remember having a big gush when I had my first period a few days after my LLETZ. It was a bit alarming, but it seemed to flush everything through and after that things settled down quite quickly.  (I know you said you ran two packs of pills together but nevertheless you may have some stuff that needs to be cleared out).

I never has anything like a scab like Backy, but I think the stuff I produced was every colour of the Dulux chart, so don't be surprised. It's all to do with the silver nitrate and the cauterisation hat they do.

As others have said, my colposcopist said that as long as the discharge wasn't soaking two pads and hour or smelling very offensive it was probably ok, but she did also say to get in touch if I was worried so you have absolutely done the right thing.

Take it easy and let yourself be looked after if you can wangle it. You'll be feeling better in no time. xxxx


Thanks Everyone, spoke to the clinic & they've reassured me that it all sounds fine and may lasr 2 or 3 days. :) It also dies seem to have lessened over the day so that's good.


Have a great weekend folks!


K x