First abnormal results???

I’ve been going for routine smears every year for the past 2 years as my first one came back HPV+. I’ve never had abnormal cells but this time after a gruelling 5 week wait it’s come back with severe cell changes and I’ve been invited to a colposcopy.

I’m literally so so worried and I’m fearing the worst. Wondered if anybody else has had this and what their experiences were like?

I feel like I’m being a hyperchondriac and unnecessary panicking but I’ve got everything running through my head and feel like I can’t switch off.

Any help welcome :heart:

I am new to here too but in the same situation. I had borderline cell changes at smear in July and then went for a colcoscopy and they found CGIN high grade. I am booked in for a lletz procedure next Thursday. I too have been an absolute mess since finding out and over thinking but reading the posts on here have made me feel much better for whatever is coming my way . Important that we stay strong :blush:

I’ve had my letter through for colposcopy today booked in for 7/09… I am so worried :weary:
I just don’t know what to expect I guess?
How are you doing? Take care x

At least you have your date through now so that’s one step closer to get it sorted :blush:. I’m doing okay thank you,having a family weekend away tomorrow so that will hopefully take my mind off all things cervical and then I shall start panicking again next Wednesday night before my lletz treatment on the Thursday :woman_facepalming:t2:xx

The colcoscopy was a little uncomfortable but they just take biopsies and have a good look at the cervix. I’ve heard of people that have the lletz treatment there and then. I didn’t have that as my colcoscopy picked up cgin abnormal cells so to the nurses everything looked fine which is really worrying me xx

Hope your family weekend went well and took your mind off stuff!

Let me know how your treatment goes Thursday. Hope all goes well


Hi LeighA123
Thanks for checking in.
It was lovely thank you,didn’t even think about it but now I’m home it’s all I’m thinking about again :woman_facepalming:t2:,.
I will pop by on here Thursday afternoon and let you know how I get on
Thanks xx

Hi …
Just checking in how did your procedure go?
Hope you are taking care of yourself x

Hi LeighA123
Thanks for the message. The procedure itself was actually okay,much better than I thought,been hard to rest since as my 7 year old has been relentless but so far a little cramping and the bleeding has stopped but from what I’ve been reading that can start again any time soon. Won’t find the results now untill possibly the end of October as it may miss the September MDT meeting so just got to wait to hear from them again now with the results xx

Just an update

I had a colposcopy today, having never give birth it is THE most undignified thing ever. I cannot imagine how giving birth is ha ha. The staff are incredible though, I got teary and the nurses held my hand and wiped my tears away whilst chatting about day to day life. It was over within 35 minutes, slightly uncomfortable but nothing major.

The dr couldn’t see any abnormalities and nothing showed up on the colposcopy - which I guess is good news as I convinced myself I was wriddled with all things CC related.

I have had a biopsy to be on the safe side of things and will have to wait for the results.

Hopefully all is well and I can go back to routine smears.

Hi Leigha123
AHH I’m so pleased it went okay for you today,it’s not the best is it but such a relief when it’s done. That’s great that they couldn’t see anything concerning,did they see any abnormal cells at all? Were you told it was abnormal cells from your smear test? Xx

For sure it is literally a black cloud hanging over you isn’t it…

Yes - my smear came back with severe cell changes detected, but the doc couldn’t see any abnormal cells under the microscope and nothing showed up
Of concern. It was a huge relief

He mentioned if my biopsy came back with abnormalities I would need treatment but if all is well I can go back to routinely smears.

How are you doing?
Hope you’re recovering well XX

Oh that’s good :pray:,fingers crossed for you.
This week has been awful, discharge, bleeding and lots of pain and feel exhausted :woman_facepalming:t2:,went to the doctor’s and have some antibiotics so hopefully they’ll kick in soon and I’ll start to feel okay xx

Hopefully so- just the agonising wait for the results to come back now.

Just mild cramps today similar to period pain so nothing too extreme.

I hope you’re taking time to rest and recuperate xxx