Lletz results pending

I'm not sure where to start. First time post.

Appointment booked at colposcopy on 30/7 following abnormal cells. Wanted to perform lletz straight away (agreed to wait until 3/8 as I had an event organised shaving all my hair off to raise money for young peoples cancer charity) 

they said that I have abnormal cells on both the exterior and interior of the cervix meaning it's more rare? Has anyone else experienced this? 

I have to wait until the end of the month for the multi disciplinary team to discuss the plan of action. Then I will be called for an appointment. 
I'm trying not to worry but as a single parent it's always a worry. I keep trying to rationalise the process and have every faith in the NHS.  The words from the specialist keep going through my mind. 
ive been feeling so unwell since the procedure and had 2 antibiotics prescribed for possible infection. 
I had previous CIN3 15 years ago, but fell pregnant and after the birth there was no evidence of abnormality. I've never missed a smear since then. 
any advice or experience welcome. 

Hey ?

Oh you sound like you are so so stressed out and I totally understand why. 

Abnormal cells don't always mean Cancer. You need to try and remember that. I had abnormal cells CGIN on the interior of my cervix which is the rarer kind. Mine had turned cancerous but do you know the extent of my treatment? Two Lletz procedures and a lymph node removal. Obviously that's still not ideal but my point is if it's found early it's so treatable! Try and stay as positive as you can until you know more. Please post an update on here when you know more, or message me if you need a chat XXX 

Morning, thank you so much for your response. It's so difficult when you are waiting to find out. It's reassuring to hear your story and I think I really needed to hear it. I have moments where I think the worst, but overall I try to rationalise it. I think everything feels worse, because I feel so unwell. Thank you so much and I will post an update when I know more xx