Have to have another Lletz

Hi Ladies

This is my first post I'm feeling really upset right now and just want some support and hear from anyone who might be in the same situation

My smear result from August was abnormal cell changes and HPV. I had my lletz on 17 Sept. The hospital called me last week to say that my cell changes were higher up in the cervix and that I have CGIN. They said I'd need a smear every year for 10 years and that any cell changes however small would have to be removed. I got my head around that. 


Then this morning they called and said that the lab (I think) had called them and they haven't removed all the cells. Also as I have CGIN they need a minimum of 10mm and they only got 7mm. I have to go back for another Lletz in a few weeks time under a general anaesthetic. I just feel terrified. Is that an overreaction? I've been crying all morning. I personally found the Lletz horrible. They injected me 5 times with anaesthetic and I could still feel, I had to get them to stop as it hurt so much. I hate saying that and I don't want to scare anyone, I know that's not the case for most women. I know I'll be under GA next time but that scares me as well. 


Since the Lletz I developed an infection, then got thrush from the antibiotics. I just feel a bit sorry for myself at the moment. I'm still getting cramps and feel uncomfortable a lot and I can't believe I have to go through it again. Sorry to be so negative. On top of this I'm moving house soon and suffer from severe depression. Finding it hard to cope x

Hi UKButterfly

I had my LLETZ on Tuesday and I found it the same as you.  I had been expecting it to be a breeze from what I had been told but I actually found it very upsetting and I too had to stop the consultant because I felt some pain, despite having four injections.

I don't really have anything at all useful to say because I'm obviously awaiting my results but I just wanted to send you a big virtual hug as you seem to have an awful lot on your plate without this.  I too am scared of GA but at least you won't have to be awake while you go through the process again.

I really hope you feel better soon.

Mel x

Oh honey,

i do know how you feel. I had my lletz under GA and I honestly was so glad that I had. I just didn't know anything from the lovely people saying 'just breathe in' until I woke up! If you feel so apprehensive it will be much better.

on a positive note, it is good that they think another lletz is all you need! It may not feel like it now I realise.

I had major stress and suffered from depression before all this too. I have taken it as a life changer; I am planning to change my job, and start to put myself and my family first. My first steps while I'm in this endless waiting period have been to boost my immunity, which would help protect against further infections, and rest. I got an infection from my first biopsies and took healthy bacteria drinks to keep the balance in my tum.

keep well,

hugs, Molly xxx

Hi UkButterfly, I'm very sorry that you are feeling so upset at the prospect of more treatment. I hope the following info may help you. Many years ago I had treatment done under local anaesthetic which fortunately was successfully. five & 1/2 years ago I experienced bleeding, as I was post menopause I was sent for an investigation . I had a vaginal ultrasound done & was told I'd had a period as I still had a working follicle!!! Fine, however 18mths later I had the bleeding again so back to clinic I went. The doctor wasnt able to gain access to my uterus to take a biopsy as cervix too tightly closed, she did try , huffing ' puffing all the while then decided it was causing too much pain , she was correct there! I was referred to hospital to have a hysteroscopy under GA. Well, what a difference from the discomfort of local injections etc. All the necessary treatment & prodding & poking done when you are asleep & feel nothing. You will only be under a short time & usually recovery time is very quick. The doctor will be able to remove the cells using the lletz & I'm sure you will be fine. I know I've rambled on here but just wanted to tell you not to be worried about having a GA. Sending you all best wishes & a big cyber hug. Xx

Hi again UK Buttercup, just to say the last post from Moltz is spot on & hopefully you will feel a wee bit better after reading it. Get plenty rest & nutritious meals & be kind to yourself. Xx

Hi Ladies, sorry for disappearing off, so much going on at the moment. Thank you for all your encouraging messages. I think I'm getting my head around it now and my husbands calmed me down a bit. It was just a shock after being told that everything was ok really and then to be told actually no you need another Lletz. I am glad that this one will be under a GA but it's still a bit upsetting and there are so many things going on that its not the greatest time. But there's no use complaining. 

Mel_k8 thanks so much for sharing that you had a similar experience. I have two friends who've had a Lletz and they seemed to breeze through it. I kept thinking that I was being too dramatic but now I think maybe not. 


Well ill all the best ladies I'm sure I'll be back here I've found this website so encouraging and supportive and I'm really grateful to have found it xx