Lletz and biopsy results


Not sure how this works but here i go!

Last year smear test results borderline. Had a colcoscopy and told to do a yearly smear.

Two weeks ago had smear. Results high grade moderate dyskaryosis. Booked in fir colposcopy last Thursday. See and treat on day. Really wasn't as bad as i thought. 

What is driving me insane is biopsy results. So scared it will come back with cc. Can't put it out of my head. 

Does anyone else have the same? Family and friends are great but you can only talk about it so. 



Hi Amalia,

I've just returned from my colposcopy and LLETZ and feel rather rotten. Gynae said a large area of my cervix was effected and that he needed to take more than anticipated with the loop. He also prescribed two types of antibiotics as he said my cervix was extremely swollen. 

I broke down during the procedure as the emotion all came at once. 

Now waiting for the results like you - it's awful.

I've decided against telling any of my family (apart from my partner) as I don't want to worry anyone unnecessarily.

keep in touch - fingers crossed for us both.

much love ❤️  

Hi Sarah 

How are you doing today? 

I was completely drained the first few days! A week on I'm starting to feel better. Still super anxious about my results. Everytime phone rings i think it's the clinic with bad news. 

Hope you are able to get plenty of rest... Not easy with 3 boys!!!

Let me know how you get on and what your results are!

Fingers crossed for both of us. 

Loads of love x

Hi Ladies, 

I know how you both feel also waiting anxiously for results. 

First abnormal smear two years ago, had colposcopy which was fine just a small biopsy, results came back HPV present but no action required should clear on its own, call back in 1 year. 

Following smear was told it was normal. So assumed I would go back to 3 year call back but not informed by previous docotr.

Registered with new doctor a couple of months ago and was informed my smear was due, questioned it as last one was normal so I thought and was told my last smear was actually borderline so call back was set for a year, lucky my new doctors were on the ball.  

So another smear 1 month ago came back abnormal, called by hospital with result and booked in for Colposcopy 2 days later which scared me straight away. Coloposcopy was on 8th August, consultant words were 'your cells look very bad so we are going to do LLETZ treatment today to take a large chunk away' was a bit shocked so regretably didn't ask alot of questions. LLETZ was not a good experience, missed a bit when putting the local anaesthetic in so felt the last bit as she pulled the loop round....ouch! Then she couldn't stop the bleeding for half an hour. Felt very drained and sore for a good few days after. 

The wait is unbearable, can't get it out of my mind. I have a very good doctor who has tried to put my mind at rest as much as she can. I had to visit her for a water infection 3 days after treatment, She then called me a few days after that to check how I was feeling and sensed I was not in a good place emotionally so called me in to talk. She had a look at my notes from the hospital and told me they found CGIN changes but they are only in the cervix so even if the results show the cells are cancerous it would be very treatable.

Was told by the consultant the results would be about two weeks. We are now two and a half weeks down the line, family and close friends that know all keep telling me the longer I don't hear then surely the better the news, I nod and agree I know they are just trying to be supportive but really I am thinking that is easy for you to say its not you waiting! 

Keeping my fingers crossed for us all to get good results and soon! 

Sending Love and Hugs x

Hi....hope you don't mind me butting in! 

Im in a similar boat, had a borderline smear a few months ago & was booked in for a colposcopy on Monday past (21st). I went on own as my GP had reassured me it was only procedure as the smear results were not very concerning. 

The consultant was lovely, 2 nurses in the room as well. She again explained how low risk my results were & that although I carry the HPV virus, it wasn't any of the high risk strains... I really felt like it was an in and out, formality procedure "just in case". But then as soon as she saw the cells, straight away she told me she didnt like the look of them & she was going to perform a biopsy & a procedure which I now know is a lletz....I cant say that it hurt a lot but it did a bit. 2 injections to numb the area (just cough into the needle please!!!) and the rest was just very very uncomfortable! 

I found the whole experience very emotional, cant think of a word to use other than completely invaded. I know it's for a brilliant reason and I was absolutely taken care of every step, but I just wasn't expecting it that day! I'm 39 and I've given birth twice, and I walked out of that room and burst into floods of tears. I cried on & off for a day or 2, not a lot of pain just a dull ache but I did need painkillers! Slight discharge at first & feeling just "hurt".... It's day 5 now and I've just started bleeding but seems not too heavy at the minute!

My main regret is that I was so intent on getting out of that room that I have no idea how bad the cells were, how much she cut away and what she truthfully thought..excpet that she was sure the biopsy would not come back clear. I have since read that lletz is only used for CIN2 or CIN3 cells, and I know that these are pre-cancer 4 which the lletz is considered to be enough to get rid of completely...is that what you have been told?

WheN do you think you will get your results, I've been told 2 weeks & im absolutely bricking it :(

Hugs to anyone who has gone through this xxx

Claire xx

Hello ladies!

How are you all doing? Was just wondering if any of you have had your biopsy results?

Just over two weeks for me and still nothing! 

On the plus side... Things are slowly going back to normal. Had a bit of bleeding last weekend which i freaked out about. Stopped after 3 days.

Hope you are all doing well!

Love and hugs x