Hpv+ and abnormalities after LLETZ

Hello girls.

Had hoped I wouldn't be writing this, but just had my 6 month smear post-LLETZ and have been told there are minor abnormalities again and that I am still HPV positive :(

Feeling really down - I felt reassured that treatment would be effective, so to find out I'm off back to colposcopy again has knocked me for six! I've tried so hard to look after myself since the procedure and was convinced it would all be ok.

Has anyone been in a similar boat and managed to avoid a second lletz? I'm only 27 and I really don't want to lose any more of my cervix as I'm hoping to have children in the future.

Any words of advice would be much appreciated.

Laura xx

I am really sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

My 6month post - LLETZ is due, and I am am worried that I will be in the same boat as you very soon. 

How are you holding up?

Have you had any problems/abnormalities after your LLETZ? You period got back normal and everything? 


I am sorry that I can not come with any other words of advice that to say you are not alone. *hugs*

Try not to worry. I had CC 1a1 in July. Removed with LLETZ. I had my check up smear in Jan which came back as mildly abnormal. Went for another colposcopy, they couldnt see anything abnormal. Had a biopsy which came back as no pre cancer at all just slight hpv still. So may not be too major!

Thanks for your words of encouragement girls. Everything has been ok since the procedure. Healed really well and periods have been completely normal. I think that's what's made it even more of a shock.

I'm hoping that when I go for the colposcopy they will take a look and say everything looks ok for now. I should be grateful really that I get to go back to the specialists who can tell me exactly how everything is. I think if the smear had come back all clear i'd have been worried they missed something!

Laura x

Yep same has happened to me, I didn't hear anything for two weeks after my 6 Month smear and thought no news was good news, then the dreaded letter arrived. So fed up with it all :( and I am too worried about how will effect having children if have to have more removed. Also the prospect of wanting to start a family in the next couple of years and still have hpv hanging round my neck. I haven't got years to wait around for it to go away!