Finished treatment!

I have finally completed all my treatments! I thought I would be more excited and was surprised to be faced with anxiety. After 10 months of appointments I find myself unsure what to do with my time now. I was looking forward to completing treatments so it caught me off guard. Thank God it’s summer and I enjoy fishing :slight_smile:

I am happy to report that I’m feeling very well though. In ways I keep waiting for something to happen as my bladder and bowels are both fine. My skin has healed very nicely and my energy is actually pretty good.
It’s hard not to worry about the 3 month wait to find out how well my treatments worked. I have a fear that as I’m waiting it’s spreading through my body!!
I am trying to stay in the present and take it one day at a time. I appreciate the positive posts and keep reading the ones which inspire me the most!

Hope all is as well as can be with everyone :slight_smile:

Hello Boundie,


I am so pleased for you that your treatment has now finished, and my fingers a very much crossed for your results in three months time (it will be a long three month wait).


I am currently on my second week of treatment, I am stage 2B (20 radiotherapy, 4 chemotherapy, and 2 brachytherapy!).  Feeling okay for now, except for being very constipated!  I have an appointment with my Oncologist today, and I am hoping he can give me something to help.


I too find this forum inspiring, and uplifting at times when I am feeling a little low.



x hug x

Hi Boundie :-)

The no-mans land between treatment and follow-up is indeed a very lonely place. You make sure to spend time with friends and happy distractions and the time will pass more easily for you :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Boundie that is great news you have finished treatment. It can feel a bit like what Now because we have been busy having treatment most days and all the appointments. We all agree the waiting is a nightmare take this free time to go fishing and relax as much as possible. I hope you get great news at your next appointment. I will be thinking about you big hugs xx

Hi Boundie,

After going through so much treatment it's amazing that you are feeling ok and energy levels not bad. As others have said, get out and do some nice things with people you enjoy being with. As you say, live in the now, today is all any of us have . Big hug and stay strong X

Hi Boundie:

Finished at last! So glad that it's finally done and that you can start relaxing. Fishing! Who knew? That has to be relaxing unless you're out there in the sea, hanging off the back of a boat and wrestling with gigantic shark. (We had "Jaws" on the TV here last night and I thought of you!).

Keep us posted!

love t x


Just saw you on here.  How are you? Start a new post when you get a minute as I almost missed you tucked on here.

love t x

Congrats on finishing your treatments!!!! For at least a month try to pretend you are not waiting for time to pass..... Cheers!!!

Jaws! Jaws?? Good grief that's over 40 years old! Was it on prime time?

Hey Boundie,

lim right there with you hun. My imagination is my worst enemy at the mo. The girlies on here are awesome for making you feel normal and putting your mind to rest. It is completely normal to feel odd/in limbo/gutted/frightened/just fine/sad/happy and a thousand other feelings after the treatment has ended. Gone are the safety nets of daily contact with professionals who know you and can put your mind at rest. It's ok to feel however you feel hunni. Keep busy with lots of things you love. 


Thanks everyone! I'm so grateful I'm not alone in this!

I actually tried picturing me catching a shark. I think I could do it lol

I have been spending time with the important people in my life and taking advantage of the beautiful summer weather. It's so funny that the day I posted this it was all I could think about and now I just remembered I even posted about it!

Hope this finds you all as well as possible. Thanks again :)