After treatment...update

Hi everyone
I’ve not been on this since before treatment but I’m pleased to say that all treatment has finished and I’m now just waiting on an MRI scan to see if everything has worked. I get this next week and results 16th, trying not to think about it too much. Thankfully I’m back to work tomorrow to help me keep my mind off things. I’m not going to sugar coat and lie but it’s not been the best of times but I remained positive and upbeat throughout and got there in the end. I know this isn’t the end of it all but I keep thinking it can’t get any worse.
The whole situation has made me look at life different, I even applied for another job and a total different one to my current job. Had an interview which went pretty well but just waiting to hear back. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get it as I still have a job but I have decided to go for things that I want and live life to the full.
Anyway thought I’d pop by and update u all that remember me.
Hope everyone is doing good.
Nicola x

Brilliant,  lovely to hear that you are positive.  I'm presuming that you are around 3 months post treatment.

Well done on getting back to work. I'm desperate to get back but can't until at least may. Not to my normal job anyway.  I finished my treatment last week and was thinking of applying for a job just to give me something to do. I am a bit unsure though whether people will take me on with my medical history. I've been self employed for so long x 

Good luck X 

Hi Nicola,

Yes I remember you. You were there at the start of my journey on here and we started treatment around the same time and I’ve often wondered how you’ve been getting on, so it was nice when your post came up.

I finished my treatment just before christmas so it’s almost 2 months now. I got through treatment much better than I imagined, had a few problems and very down days but got through with nothing too major and still managed to carry on with most things.

I have an MRI and CT scan at the end of March so probably won’t know my results until mid April.

Wishing you all the best.

Mel x

Hi Philleepa, no it's only been 6-7 weeks post treatment, I didn't have to return to work but personally I needed to get back for my sanity as I was afraid of having a breakdown. Everyone is different so u just go back when it's right for u. A company can't discriminate against what u have been through, I had an interview last week but before I went to it I phoned and explained my situation and they told me to come down for the interview, I'm just actually off the phone to them and I've been offered a work trial, if u want to go for it then u should. 

Hi Mel

Yeah I remember u too and like u I also wondered how u were getting on. I'm glad to hear u are doing well and got through treatment as best as u can. Its crazy to think a few months back we were waiting on our treatment and here we are, finished all our treatment. I went back to work today only for 4 hours and in a different store to learn stuff that I missed while I was away, I'm a wee bit tired but i managed just fine. 

Sending u all big hugs 

Nicola x