Finished treatment feeling happy and posative

Hi guys just a quick update. Finished my last brachy yesterday! The first two went great but yesterday not so much. Was very painful. Yesterday had to have more stronger painkillers. But I did have a pee infection was very tense and couldn’t relax so it didn’t help. But feeling ok today and no pain. The doctor is really happy and all they can see is scarring tissue I couldn’t be happier. 6 weeks break now and back on the 19th to see her! Can’t believe it’s all come to and end I’ve been so used to appointments everyday for nearly 8 weeks I won’t know what to do with myself. Cried a lot yesterday and I’ve hardly got upset through it all. So just thought I’d let you all know my progress and I really hope all of you are ok and doing well xxxx

November 2015: abnormal cells after smear.

December: found cancer after colposcopy. Biopsy staged me at CC stage 1 b2

January 2016: started treatment 5 chemo, 25 radio and 3 brachytherapy.

MRI scan showed shrunk massively.

10 March last brachy now waiting to go back 19/4/16 she’s happy with everything so cross fingers!!

Great to hear your news! When you are having treatment it feels it will never end so this is a great reminder of how wonderful it is to have got through it. Well done and get celebrating!

Brilliant! Glad to see you out the other side :-)

Indeed! You won't know what to do with yourself. It does come as a bit of a shock to the system not to be travelling to the hospital every day so make sure you have some good company.

Be lucky :-)

That is great news so pleased for you I wish you all the best for the future lots of love xx

Great news!!hope you are enjoying a rest aMs doing some nice things. Xxx

Thank you all for your lovely messages xxxx