I went to my doctor yesterday to discuss my groin pain that I had been getting and after several checks explained that I had probably strained a muscle whilst in colposcopy.
He also gave me my biopsy results which came back CIN 1+2 which will probably need lletz to remove. However, best news was that there was nothing sinister there. The biggest relief. So I will have to lletz no doubt and then wait for more results to determine if all cells have been removed. I want the little suckers gone!
Thankyou for all the support over this time - I feel so much better knowing that it’s precancerous cells and not anything worse.

Still a road to travel with treatment but hopefully that will be it.

8th June - abnormal smear - moderate dysk
24th June- colposcopy and two punch biopsies
13th July- biopsy results CIN 1+2- no malignant cells.

Awaiting lletz appointment.

That's great news Zoe!

If you have lletz, it isn't too bad. Worst bit of pain for me was the LA, I was also very emotional as I wasn't expecting treatment that day. If you're working, I'd suggest either taking the rest of the day off or at least prepare people for the fact you might not be back. They scoop a fair lump from your cervix so it's fine to feel pretty shakey and sore afterwards - although some people seem to breeze through it!

Thanks flis, yeh I am a teacher so I'm hoping the timing has fallen well and I can get it done in the holidays so won't need to worry. But yeh - I don't plan to move Much! 

Thankyou so much for your support Hun. This site has been a blessing. It is so emotional isn't it. It's a shocking reality check hey! 

Take care

zoe X 



Fab news Z!  What great news!  You can go, be zapped and the off you go. Lovely.

Take care

t x