Some Positive News

So today was the dreaded 6 month check up day following Lletz for CIN3.

I had an afternoon appointment so spent all day a nervous wreck. When I got to the hospital I was quite pleased to see it was the surgeon who carried out my Lletz under GA. I explained to him i'd had some post coital bleeding and he said he'd take a quick look, do a smear and then use the solution to see if any abnormal cells showed up.

For the 5th time this year I led on the bed, legs akimbo while the doctor had a nosey and did a smear. I bled like mad which didn't put me much at ease at all.

Then he applied the solution and....NO ABNORMAL CELLS SHOWING! I've never been so relieved in my life. This was kind os short lived after he explained there was an area of my cervix that hadn't healed at all from the Lletz, which had been causing the excessive bleeding. I'm not entirely sure what he did but he said something about a chemical and moulding parts of my cervix back together or something to that effect.

I have never experienced pain like this is my life! I had no anaesthetic as he said it was a very small area to do but jeez was it sore!

After he finished and I got dressed and I came out of the room and everything went hazy and I couldn't hear a thing. The nurse noticed and pulled me into another room, took my blood pressure and made me lie there for 10 minutes. I felt like such a hypochondriac but the nurses were amazing.

So i'm now waiting for smear results but I feel confident that if nothing showed when the solution was put on, then they can't be too bad right? I'm expecting hpv to still be present and i'm not sure if i'd need to go for another colposcopy having had one today but i'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I'm in a lot of pain at the moment following whatever the doctor did down there but it was worth it to hear what I heard today.

Good luck to all you ladies waiting for results. I hope you can take the positives from my story and look to the future with hope :) xxx

You have made me smile and cringe at the same time! Glad it's looking good, sorry you had to go through that.

its def enough to put one off nookie! 

Molly xxxx

It definitely is! Hope all goes well with your scans next week and that you get some good news too. We all deserve it!